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  • conference room design

    5 Best Conference Room Design Ideas That’ll Amaze Clients

    Conference Room is a very important part of an office. It is a place where employees gather to discuss ideas and policies, where crucial matters are discussed and significant decisions are made.Conference Room Design needs to make the employees feel alert and comfortable at the same time, so that they are able to stay attentive, […]

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  • lighting ideas

    Great Interior Lighting Ideas For Every Room Of Your Home

    Interior designing involves a wide assortment of tools to glorify your house the way you wish. However, it so happens that many times they underrate few things that otherwise would have transformed the entire appeal of your house. Lighting as we call it, not just brightens up the entire space but also adds to the […]

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  • wardrobe-design

    Wardrobe Design Ideas For Bedroom- Add Elegance

    Bedrooms stand incomplete without a spectacular wardrobe to act as a closet for all your clothes. While opting to design an elegant bedroom, you tend to oversee that fact that wardrobe is not just functional but can be decorative too. The perfect choice of wardrobe designs for bedroom can change the look and feel of […]

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  • home decoration ideas

    Home Decoration Ideas: DIY for Nepali Homes

    House is a place we dwell in. The beauty, the appeal that a well-designed house offers to go unparallel with any other thing. A beautifully designed house calls for alluring walls that would leverage its appearance. Home decoration is all about the furniture, the wall hangings, and the showpieces you choose to deck your house […]

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  • kids-bedroom-ideas

    7 Awesome Kids Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

    Have you been looking for ideas to have your kid’s room decked up with beauties, arts, and craft to give it a replenishing look while staying within the budget? Please of ideas but they cross your pocket zone? Fascination does not always need to be expensive, it is largely possible to envisage your thoughts and […]

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  • kitchen for small spaces

    Kitchen Design For Small Spaces (Make The Most Of Every Square Foot)

    If you have paid attention to the kitchen designs in Kathmandu of late—at friends’, relatives’, even in your own home—you must have realized that these spaces are becoming ever so smaller. We have seen kitchen space shrink so much that some of them hardly fit two people in there at once.Along with limited real estate […]

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  • 23

    Interior Transformation For A Simple House: Make Your House Look Luxurious

    We go through numerous house transformation photos on the internet—Pinterest is a goldmine for this—and we fantasize about all the different ways we could transform our simple house into something more luxurious. Perhaps turn it into one of those beautiful luxury homes like in the pictures.However, more often than not, we don’t know how to […]

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  • Bedroom Design Ideas

    Bedroom Design Ideas: Create Your Personal Temple Of Relaxation

    When it comes to a bedroom design, one option is perhaps to bring the whole showroom into your master bedroom. Get the exact same rug, bedroom decoration, wardrobe design, and so on. And while that option is sure to look put-together and stylish, the bigger question here is if will it be a space you […]

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  • office interior design ideas

    The Best Office Interior Design Ideas For Increased Productivity

    Work, no matter how enjoyable, does get hectic and stressful from time to time. And a sterile office environment where one cannot freely express themselves only adds to the pressure and the negativity.While the old office interior design tack of having sterile workspaces might have given an illusion of productivity, that approach doesn’t work anymore. […]

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  • interior decoration tips

    Interior Decoration Tips (Add New Life to Your Home)

    Interior decoration is growing leaps and bounds in the Nepali market and gradually becoming a part of all Nepali homes. Whether it is decorating a new house or redecorating an old one, people want their house to be the best representation of themselves. While designing a space from scratch or modifying their house completely is […]

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