Living Room Lighting Ideas

7 Best Living Room Lighting Ideas That’ll Amaze Your Guest

Living Rooms are used for many different purposes and having the appropriate living room lighting is cherry on the cake. Some rooms are used purely for entertainment, others for watching television and many for a whole lot of other activities. It’s important to have appropriate living room lighting that not only looks great in the space, but also accommodates all of the events that take place there.

Here, we put together some 7 best living room lighting ideas that will amaze your guests and will make them visit your nest time and again.

#1 Invest In Multi-Functional Lighting

Ceiling fans don’t have to be ugly. Farmhouse ceiling fans are on-trend, for example, yet remain practical. They feature rustic wood and clean, traditional lines, rather than old-fashioned white plastic. Ceiling fans with imbibed lights are cool, classy and multi functional.

#2 Use Car Lights With A Dimmer

Dimmers set the mood you want for your space, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Curious if a dimmer can be added to your light fixture?


#3 Install A Glitzy Chandelier 

Who said chandeliers are only reserved for the dining room? They can add some glam to just about any space, including your living room.

Chandeliers are one of the most popular living room ceiling lighting ideas that makes for a gorgeous and stunning ceiling design for living room.

#4 Install A Central Pendant Light

Pendant lights aren’t only meant for the kitchen. Just know  how to shorten the cord on a pendant light so no one knocks their head!


#5 Elegant Drop-Down Lighting

Don’t be afraid to venture out of the box when it comes to lighting your living room. Drop-down lights are classy, subtle and in trend.

#6 Try Cove Lighting

While it’s not something you see every day, cove lighting, or lighting that goes around the perimeter of your tray or vaulted ceiling, can really add something special to your space.


#7 Pick A Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Elegant and simple, don’t overlook flush mount ceiling lights Just learn how to change the light bulb of a flush mount ceiling light yourself.

Living-Room-Lighting-IdeasBonus points….

Wall Lighting Ideas

A pair of wall lights on a major wall, such as behind a couch, can offer additional brightness when you need it. Seating is usually placed away from the center of the room so it helps to bring extra light close to where you’ll spend time.

Wall lights can also illuminate over your shoulder for reading. Alternatively place them opposite the couch, typically behind the television.

To highlight your living room artwork on a wall, or to provide some lighting over a living room wall mirror, you can attach a small light fixture just above on the wall to shine focused light onto that one object.

Picture lights feature an elongated narrow shade which spreads the light out horizontally and aims to produce a reasonably wide window of light when the light makes contact with the wall-mounted art piece.

Some picture lights are also plug-in meaning that while a cord will hang down the wall, you can plug them into a regular electrical outlet. Others may require hardwired electrical installation.


Up-lighting or can-lighting entails a small, usually cylindrical canister, with a single strong light bulb which shines light out of the top of the unit.

The can light is designed to sit on the floor or low down in the room, perhaps either side of a fireplace or alongside the television.

Light shines upward in an elongated narrow funnel shape and will reflect ambient light off the walls and off the ceiling.

Placed near other objects like house plants they can create interesting shadows projected onto the ceiling to add extra interest to a corner of a room.

Some of the light is also typically reflected off the wall and up-lights are a good way to break up a blank wall area and to create additional tones of color similar to your wall color scheme.

What are you waiting for, rush and hush to give your Living Room a new life and a new mood, well adjust the mood according to yours!

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