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The Best Office Interior Design Ideas For Increased Productivity

Work, no matter how enjoyable, does get hectic and stressful from time to time. And a sterile office environment where one cannot freely express themselves only adds to the pressure and the negativity.While the old office interior design tack of having sterile workspaces might have given an illusion of productivity, that approach doesn’t work anymore.

Today, people want that their offices look vibrant and prioritize comfort to boost creativity. And with more office interior design ideas than ever before, modern offices seem to have perfected the balance.

Why You Need A Cozy Office Interior Design?

office interior design ideas

Be it workspaces, lounge areas or conference spaces, interior designers, today, aim to make space feel more like a cozy, comfortable home rather than an office.

That’s because employers know that when people are relaxed, they tend to thrive creatively, feel more inspired, and all of that increases overall office productivity. That is the main aim with office interior design today, especially with more and more startups and creative jobs sprouting up.

When the workspace feels welcoming, employees are more open to sharing their ideas freely, and when working in an environment where their feelings are prioritized, they also develop a sense of ownership towards the place.

As an organization, you, too, must be looking for the best and the most motivated employees to work for you. The thing is, contrary to what employers have traditionally believed, money or financial compensation isn’t the only factor that inspires employees to do their best. And in lack of an office environment that matches their motivation and creativity, they tend to get bored easily.

That is among the main reasons for the increment in employee turnover rates. Today employees in Nepal, too, want that their workplace is stimulating and facilitate communication and reduce anxiety.

Apart from employee productivity, the office interior design and office decoration are crucial for yet another reason. To attract potential clients! An office that looks properly managed helps create a good impression on clients’ minds and makes your workspace and the services you provide be memorable.

Offices in Nepal, too, are accommodating their employees’ and their clients’ needs by making office interior design a priority. 

Office Interior Design Ideas That Help With Productivity 

A Space That Suits Your Work

office interior design ideas

Among the trends in office interior design in Nepal and elsewhere, activity-based working is the one that seems to be gaining the most traction.

And for good reason too: activity-based working allows employees to work anywhere in the office, based on the work they are doing, where they feel the most comfortable and productive.

A writer, for instance, can move to a quiet space when they need to focus on their work with zero distraction. When coming up with ideas, on the other hand, all employees can come together in one space of their choosing and freely discuss ideas. Activity-based office interior designs also allow teams to sit around a traditional desk for work requiring collaboration and enhance office productivity.

As for office decorations, just adding a touch of green can enliven the space and give it a less sterile feel. 

It’s All About Flexibility

Rather than creating completely separate areas for meeting purposes, isolated spaces, cubicles, and lounge areas, another trend that defines office interior design in Nepal today is flexibility.

Traditionally, employees were required to sit in their designated spaces and couldn’t usually communicate with their colleagues. But today, flexible workspaces are all the rage because of the freedom they offer.

A flexible office interior design is entirely modular, and furniture can be put together or resized by easily adding or removing components from it. The desks, chairs, and tables are light or on wheels, so that entire cubicles or workspaces can be easily moved from one place to another.

This makes communication easy and people can work together with their team on projects when they need to and easily move back to their own place to work alone on something.

office interior design ideas

In most offices these days, there is no such thing as an assigned seating arrangement. People sit where they like on any given day, and because all employees do the same, it doesn’t become a cause for friction between colleagues, as some employers think it does. 

Home Away From Home 

Creating a home-like environment that employees can relax in while they are working has proven to improve office productivity. This has become a popular trend among startups in Nepal and worldwide.

All you need to create a cozy, home-like office are large sofas, swings, ping-pong tables, small basketball hoops, and other fun stuff. The aim is to create a working space that employees can enjoy.

Such an environment gives employees opportunities to relax and recharge during the workday so that they can remain productive throughout the day.

And the best thing about this office interior design is that you can do it on a budget. If you are just starting out and cannot afford to have modular furniture or create sections that employees can freely move around in, you can just go with this design.

Just throw in some beanbags and some cushions on the floor. Without much effort, that creates a space where employees can both work and relax.

Add a coffee corner where employees can get their caffeine fix from and some snacks to keep them energized. A few fun touches at affordable prices, and not only will your employees be happy, you’ll also have a unique workplace with its own young, fun personality.

In terms of office wall decoration for these offices, the trend that we’ve found to be the most popular is blackboard walls. These are entire walls made into blackboards where employees can draw, write inspiring quotes on, take notes or make important work timetables.

Both efficient and fun, these are some of our favorite designs at Green Design Nepal. Depending on your office’s needs, the kind of work that you do, employee and client personality and your budget, we can provide unique office interior design ideas that will make you and your employers excited about the prospect of coming in to work every day.