Room Decoration Ideas

Best Room Decoration Idea for Nepali Homes

For your house to be a home, you need to go beyond design principles and give it a unique character. Find out more approximately 20 euro casino bonus ohne einzahlung. This character is mainly inspired by your own personality and it helps make your home truly yours. So when you are designing your living space, feel free to play with various room decoration ideas to make your space truly stand out.

Design principles may not always give you the freedom to experiment with various elements of your house. You and your designer have to bear in mind the flooring principles, the space plans, the design scheme, the furniture and the overall aesthetic of your living space. But do you know what’s also a major part of your home’s aesthetic? Room decorations that suit your space’s personality. And more often than not, while interior designers perform the more difficult tasks for us, we decide to take room decoration into our own hands.

Really, how hard can it be? The answer is if you don’t know what you are doing, room decoration can be tough. It’s obviously not difficult to get room decorations from the store and throw them all together in a hodgepodge really hoping that it works out. However, more often than not, such an approach doesn’t work out, and you might end up with a house that looks like a kitsch shop.

Room decoration ideas

As long as you bear in mind what the main design theme is for your house, you can experiment with room decoration ideas. For instance, if your house’s décor is inspired by nature, you can pick out room decorations with earthy themes—including metals like brass or bronze and organic fibers for your cushions and curtains, among other ideas. And you can carry that theme to each and every space in your house from your living room decoration to bedroom and bathroom decoration, if you so wish.

Living room decoration

Room Decoration Ideas

Apart from living room design and furniture, accessorizing your living room right is crucial for both how it looks and feels. In lack of proper living room decorations, your space might look all over the place, or even worse, boring. Using the right accessories can tie your design together and allows you to incorporate little pops of personality into the overall design.

The best way to decorate your living room is to juxtapose contrasting elements. You can combine various different material—metal, wood, glass and organic fibers. Mixing in decorative items of various shapes, textures and patterns also gives your living room a personality while making it look beautifully balanced.

In terms of wall decoration for bedrooms, if you are going with colorful wallpaper, you should have muted furniture, curtains, and paintings to balance it out. For minimalist living rooms with geometric furniture, round, patterned vases and pots can catch your eye to move it element to the next easily. Again, for plain colors like pure white or eggshell, a splash of color in the form of a quirky wall painting or a rug can liven up the whole room along with being a great conversation starter.

For small spaces, lightweight room decorations like a long vase, white net curtains, geometric mirrors make the room look well decorated without giving it a cramped up look. These days, in Nepali market too, simple, modern chandeliers and light fixtures are becoming popular. These attractive light fixtures are your chance to brighten up your room even if you don’t have the space for traditional, crystal chandeliers or if the traditional light fixtures don’t go with your space’s personality.

As is said before, you can experiment as much as you want with living room decorations as long as they help strike a balance with the architectural features of the room.

Bedroom decoration

Room Decoration Ideas

Your bed can, and most definitely should contain more than just a bed, a closet, and a desk. If it is the place where you can truly relax in, away from the stresses of work and the troubles of the world, we need to make it a room where you can truly do that.

There’s a wider range of bedroom designs than there ever was before. Be it eclectic style with a mix of quirks combined together, transitional or minimal styles, you can go with anything. And that means that there’s an even wider range of bedroom decorations.

You can mix up a variety of such decorative elements to make your bedroom extra special. For people who have trouble sleeping at night, neutral wall colors and soft lighting can create a soothing atmosphere for you to relax in. If your bedroom is small, go with lighter shades to make it look more spacious.

Apart from the color of the walls and the floor, you need to take into account the color of the furniture and the bedclothes. If you are going for magnolia walls, for instance, go with darker fabrics and wood for an overall elegant look.

In terms of wall decoration for bedrooms, you can opt for an inspiring artwork as the focal point and go with smaller framed pieces around the centerpiece. Or you can also let a patterned headboard take the centerstage.

You can also mix and match your favorite pieces of art displayed using similar kind of frames.

If there’s a space that speaks the most about your personality, it’s your bedroom. So it deserves your attention. Add some style and color to your room, paintings, books, and things of personal value. But most importantly, make it your own.

Bathroom decoration

bathroom design

Our bathroom is surely the space that gets the most overlooked when it comes to room decorations. It’s not even really a room, so what’s the point decorating it. Right?

Wrong. Your bathroom deserves just as much attention as other areas in your house, and if you are aware of the myriad of bathroom decorations available in the market, you know we are right.

The decorations you can and should use for your bathroom really depend on the bathroom’s size. Again, if your bathroom is small like the majority of us in Kathmandu, go with muted tones like beige, gray or white for your walls and add some potted plants to liven up the space.

While statement mirrors have become more of a living room staple, you cannot go wrong with a large, simple mirror for your bathroom. Not only does it brighten up the space, it is easier to clean too.

Floating vanities are all the rage right now. People have limited space in their bathrooms and these vanities don’t take up much room. However, if you don’t have enough room for floating vanities or want to go with a more earthy, DIY look, you can go with woven baskets to stuff your towels and toiletries into. These baskets are functional and also make your bathroom look modern and stylish.

Proper interior designing combines good space management with proper room decorations to make the most of each and every space of your home. We, at Green Design Nepal, understand that your space should reflect your personality. That’s why we don’t follow a cookie cutter template for accessorizing. We only provide a helping hand in helping you choose the right decorations and correct placement so that your space can be an extension of your personality.