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Interior Design in Nepal

Be it a residential space or commercial, interior design is about finding the right balance between form and function. More info regarding 20 euro gratis ohne einzahlung. Regardless of how big or small the space, optimizing each square inch of it for maximum effect requires that you invest in proper interior design services.

Green Design Nepal is a leading service provider for interior design in Nepal. Our team of creative and experienced interior designers has been providing their services for more than a decade in Nepal, and during this time, we have established ourselves as a go-to design firm for Nepali homeowners.

Houses, today, in the country—within and outside the valley—have been built with a priority placed on interior design: from space planning and optimization, furniture selection and placement, layout and design to the developing the right atmosphere.

Office interior design in Nepal, too, seems to be taking a page out of the international trends. Employee comfort and satisfaction is a crucial part of the overall corporate culture in Nepal, especially with the development of the startup ecosystem. And so office interior design in Nepal, today, places a special emphasis on creating an environment where employees can thrive creatively and professionally.

To that end, open plan offices are all the rage these days. Without cubicles and fixed working spaces, employees can make use of each and every bit of the office space depending on where they feel the most creative and productive. Apart from that, it also affords an opportunity for employees to communicate and collaborate freely with their colleagues and superiors.

With a work-adaptive interior design that’s flexible and modular settings that can be modified to change based on employees’ needs, office interiors and layout can play a crucial role in maximizing efficiency. Our team has designed many offices—traditional and open plan spaces—for clients in Kathmandu and elsewhere, and all our clients have been extremely happy with the quality of our work.

Other variations in commercial interior design in Nepal are also flourishing, with the increase in the number of malls, industry complexes, luxury spaces, and so on. That gives designers a room to experiment in and more and more avenues where they can push the envelope with ever-so-radical new interior design ideas. And that’s our mission at Green Design Nepal: to constantly come up with newer and better options for interior design in Nepal.

We apply the same principle to residential space design too. We create living room, bedroom, kids’ room, and bathroom designs, among others, to suit the space available, your budget and your and your family’s personality.

The team at Green Design Nepal provides complete interior design solutions starting with concept layout, working on the architectural detail, interior space planning, 3-D modeling, and so on. We also develop a material specification plan and an integrated interior design plan. Our experts develop an estimate for the resources and the overall budget, and once the plan is finalized by the client, go ahead with the construction and supervise every aspect of the process.

In terms of the spaces our interior design covers, we specialize in both commercial and residential categories, all kinds of companies and houses, small or big. We have, in the past, designed offices, banks, hospitals, restaurants and hotels, schools, business complexes, apartment, and homes.

So whatever be your interior design need for any space, the designers at Green Design Nepal have you covered. We do partition work, create false ceilings, make and supply furniture for your space, decorate walls, make doors and windows, and install electrical and networking system.

We work with a variety of material—wood, aluminum, UPVC, gypsum, cement, ply board—depending on the surface we are working on and design a variety of furniture based on the style you opt for.

All our designers really care about is providing our clients with the best services. We make your interior design vision our own and make it into a reality. Whatever stage of owning a home you are in, give us a call today.

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