Commercial Design

Commercial Design in Nepal

Commercial Building Design in Nepal is perhaps more popular than ever before. That is owing to the increasing business complexes, shopping malls, industry complexes, stores, startups, and corporate spaces. In the 10 years that Green Design Nepal has been operating, our team has designed numerous commercial spaces, and we have had the chance of witnessing and participating in the growth of commercial building design in Nepal.

Because commercial design is so varied, much more so than residential design, you want someone who has significant experience to design your office, store, spa, mall, cinema hall, and so on. From concept development, design and layout plan, material specification and selection, structural planning, electrical fittings, networking system installation, cost estimation to finally adding the finishing touches, we do it all.

The best bit about the way that we work at Green Design Nepal is that not only do we provide all of these services, we also supervise the process every step of the way and communicate with you throughout. And any time our clients feel like their vision hasn’t been translated into the design, we make it a point to do whatever and however many revisions it might take until our clients are happy.

Different commercial spaces require that they be designed bearing in mind the kind of business purpose they might serve to be able to create the right atmosphere. A restaurant space, for instance, has to have a homely feel even though it is supposed to serve a commercial purpose. So each and every space within the restaurant, from the dining area to the reception, has to feel comfortable and warm.

With the rise in the number of commercial spaces, it has become more and more difficult to find a unique commercial building design in Nepal. Having the same design as other businesses makes it very difficult for your store or your shop or your restaurant to make your clients understand exactly what personality you are going for and what to maybe expect from you.

That makes it crucial that you design a space for your business that not only goes with your work but also your firm’s or company’s values. For instance, a commercial space that values its customers will include elements of what they think the customer might prefer and try and create a space where they feel the most comfortable.

By making that principle the foundation to build on, our designers experiment with ideas to come up with a unique interior for your business or office that’ll tell your clients exactly what you stand for and etch your brand in their minds.

We understand that every bit of your space is crucial to your brand, and Green Design Nepal has designers that have worked to develop pretty much any space a client requires that we design—lobbies, reception, meeting rooms, workstations, office space, stores, restaurants, hotels, homes—with their brand identity and their work ethic at the center of it.

To make that happen, we have to make sure that we understand our clients’ vision first. So we develop a design plan and process based on multiple meetings. First, we would schedule a creative brainstorming session where we can understand what our clients want and come up with the best way to achieve that.

Once the design plan has been approved by our client, our designers collaborate with the architects and develop a 3-D model to give the client a visual idea of what their space is going to look like.

If the client is happy with the design concept, we start developing a material specification and plan and then provide the samples of the textures and fabrics to our clients so that they can get a tactile feel of the material that’s going to occupy their space.

It is important to us that the client be included in each and every phase of the design process. That way they can give us an input as to whether or not we need to revise or modify something, which is much better than having them be dissatisfied with the result.

So we’ll work closely with you to provide all the services mentioned above to make sure your commercial space stands out from the mushrooming commercial building designs in Nepal.

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