Restro Cafe Design

Restaurant / Cafe / Banquet Design In Nepal

Dining out is a centuries-old social ritual that has evolved with time. Not only the menu, but an interior design is an essential thing to consider when you open a restaurant/cafe business. Restaurants, cafes, banquet halls are popular places not only solely for eating, but for relaxation and recreation, that’s why their construction and design requires special attention.

A restaurant interior design impacts customer psychology, prompts them to order more or less, and even impacts the duration of their stay in the restaurant. Seating options, light, music, and architecture, all constitute a restaurant’s interior design. A gorgeous, breathtaking space that diners flock to is every restaurant owner’s dream. As an architect or interior designer, however, it falls upon us how the space should be constructed purposefully.

Our interior design team have more than 10 years of experience in the workplace design industry. The designers have in-depth knowledge of interior design concept, new furnishings, finishing, lighting, electrical and cutting edge elements. The team has built a strong reputation in projects especially in restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel, banquets.

Our team works side by side with the production team to deliver quality results with excellent finishing.

Your restaurant, cafe, or hotel is our responsibility. We, Green Design Nepal treat each your project like it is our masterpiece.