Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design In Nepal

If you have had a chance to peek into the recent handbook for kitchen design in Nepal, you know that there are more options available today in the market than ever before. Have a go with your main lady luck by casino 20 euro startguthaben. And because a well-designed kitchen is becoming pretty much ubiquitous, at least in Kathmandu, it’s time you gave your kitchen a much-needed makeover too.

And if that’s what you are looking for—a perfect kitchen design for your perfect home—you have come to the right place. At Green Design Nepal, we have got qualified interior designers with significant experience providing design services, meeting all the quality parameters, and bringing to life the client’s vision for the space.

Be it designing a kitchen from scratch or remodeling an existing one, Green Design Nepal has been providing unparalleled kitchen design services in Nepal for over a decade. And our team of planners, interior designers, builders, and quality assurance group will take care of each and every step of the kitchen design process for you: from planning the layout and the materials to checking the feel of the design and the material in your kitchen.

Our Key Features

  • Developing a space plan and perspective drawings from all angles
  • Layout and design plan
  • Material selection
  • Collaborating with architects, contractors, carpenters and installers
  • Interior decoration
  • Furniture selection
  • Remodelling services

We customize the services we provide based on client needs—to match their home’s aesthetic and their budget, be it modest or extravagant. When it comes to material selection, we pick from good quality wood finishes, laminates, marble, granite and quartz, floor tiles and hardware finishes to make sure everything you invest on is worth the money. We do everything we can to ensure that you get full value for your investment in the kitchen design.

Our designers have made from scratch and remodelled a variety of kitchens depending on the feasible kitchen design in Nepal, client’s preferences, space available and the budget.

Kitchen Designs Options

Modular Kitchen Design

Because of the limited space and the flexibility that modular kitchens offer, more and more clients in Nepal are opting for this design. Modular kitchens look elegant and are super functional and the best choice for space optimization.

Modular designs combine form and function for maximum efficiency without compromising on the aesthetic. They are easy to put together and to modify if need be.

Our professionals design modular kitchens using a variety of material such as acrylic, veneer, PU lacquered, plywood and marble, among others.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Owing to the wave of minimalism that’s sweeping the world and the nation, we are getting more inquiries about minimal, modern kitchen designs than ever before. That’s partly because of the shrinking square meters that kitchens today can occupy.

In this case, minimalist storage, neutral color palettes, one statement piece, a few metallic touches and some pops of color work wonders in creating an elegant, inviting space where one can cook and host. These contemporary designs are a beautiful coming together of modern countertops, islands, and cozy breakfast nooks into a family-friendly space.

These designs are timeless and worth every penny. And in Kathmandu, one of the popular kitchen design trends is to combine some traditional elements into the otherwise super modern, sleek design. A few metallic pots and pans inspired from your culture, some traditional paintings and photographs, and light fixtures can give your kitchen a dash of personality and prevent it from looking sterile. Green Design Nepal runs on one core value and builds upon that foundation to offer you the best possible design solution. That core principle is partnership, a partnership between our clients and us so that we can do what we do best: give you exactly what you want. And in case you aren’t sure what you want, we engage and communicate with you to help you figure it out. After all, it is your space we are designing and the first priority will always be with you.

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