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Reflect Beauty Of Nepalese Culture Through Home Interior Design

After you’ve built a house, the next very important thing to do is to focus on home interior design. Quite like the outsides of your house, it’s crucial that you give the insides of your house a decent look as well, which is only possible through home interior design. When designing your interiors, it’s crucial that you follow interior design trends. Gone are the days when you’d take advice from anyone from the streets or any of your relatives, friends or family members. These days, professional interior designers and architects need to be hired so that your home could have the most amazing looks. A professional would ensure that he offers you the best interior design ideas or home decor ideas. You can completely rely on him. Interior designing in Nepal has taken a huge step in evolution. It’s a time when everyone joins the same league.

Modern Interior Design

When designing the interiors of your house, one of the approaches that you can take is the modern approach. Modern home interior design calls for features like a single color tone. Colors play a very important part in a person’s life. A lot of people don’t realize it but the colors on the walls of your rooms have a great role in influencing your mood. So, it’s natural for them to completely ignore the idea of using the right colored paint on the walls. Modern home interior ideas embraces this detail, and accordingly, creates an ideal modern interior design for you.

Another aspect of contemporary interior design that a lot of people don’t seem to care about is their own personality. It’s crucial that your home interior design reflects your personality. From the colors on your walls, to the furniture, electronics, and every other element inside the house should reflect the best parts of your personality. If you’re into nature, go with a natural look; if you’re a straightforward type of person, go with a neat and sleek look; if you’re a laid back kind, go with soothing and comforting looks. There are so many contemporary interior design ideas that you can go for, but make sure that it highlights a certain aspect of your personality.

Traditional Interior Design

When you’re looking for an idea to design your interiors, one of the best things that you can do is explore your roots. If you could find an element or two in the culture that you’re a part of, which you can transform into a room design, well, nothing can be better than that. There are so many things that are a part of Nepali art and architecture that you can implement in your home interior design. From wall structures to furniture, and so on, there are many possibilities.

Bedroom Interior Design

One way to incorporate Nepali traditional interior design especially in your bedroom is to manipulate the looks on your wall. There is a way how the older homes in Nepal were built. Now, modern houses in Nepal can’t be built the same way, but with the help of a professional, you can give them the same reddish, earthy look. Even when your wall is all cemented, you could give it the look that would make your visitors believe that it’s been constructed using bricks. And of course, the use of essentials like Nepali Sirak instead of modern blankets, Nepali Galaichas, instead of mats, or both, can give your bedroom a traditional Nepali look. By following these or so many other ideas you can improve on your bedroom interior design.


Interior Design of Living Room

In the same way, if you’re willing to introduce traditional Nepali looks in the interior design of living room, the most important thing that you should do is start with furniture. Use the chairs and sofa sets that have some sort of nepali touch to it. Provided that your use your head around it, you could make Mudas, and wooden chairs made in typical Nepali style feel luxurious. Use of Chakatis instead of cushions can further enhance the interior design of living room. In the same way, by the use of artifacts and other decorative items as well, you can bring that Nepali touch into your home interior design. Traditional paintings, Thangkas, miniature versions of traditional windows, even prayer flags; you can use these items to decorate your living room.

Before going for a certain approach in interior designing, it’s crucial that one realizes the importance of interior designing. A home with an amazing interior design is not just meant for the owners to impress their guests. Actually, the main reason to have an ideal home interior design is to make yourself feel good. Your interior design should be good enough to make you want to return home, or stay at home forever. After a long tiring day, or sometimes a bad one, your home interior design should have the capacity to make your feel comfortable and relaxed, and even bring a smile to your face. The idea behind having an amazing interior design is so that you love your home a bit more. And not just you, but your entire family altogether.

By using the traditional design ideas, you don’t just give the interiors of your house an authentic look, but in a way to ensure that you’re always connected to your roots. Needless to say, both modern interior design and traditional interior design are two of the most popular interior design trends these days. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are so many other interior design ideas or house decor ideas that you can use. And it goes without saying that to get the best home interior design, you need to get in touch with a professional interior designer or an architect. With the recent rise in popularity of interior designing in Nepal, everyone wants to have a home whose interiors are beautifully designed, so why should you stay behind.Go on, get in touch with a professional and reach one step closer to having a more beautiful house.