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Best Restaurant Design Ideas In Nepal To Light Up The Interior

There are several factors in a restaurant that affect the customer experience and among them, restaurant designs play a crucial role in maintaining the overall experience. Your customers are looking for a restaurant that serves the best quality food in a pleasant environment to rest. The use of unique restaurant interior design makes them share an experience, or even more, recommend others to visit once. In this article, you will unlock the latest restaurant design ideas in Nepal, and you will also find a secret recipe of branding your restaurant through interior design. Below are the best restaurant design ideas in Nepal to light up the interior.

Entrance Set Up

Your restaurant should have a wow impression entrance. It should convey a message about what your restaurant will offer and what is the theme designed for your restaurant. While you choose the color, texture, furniture, and many more for the restaurants, make sure the style matches the theme. For instance, if the chef of your restaurant is planning to serve Nepalese cuisine, more specifically Newari cuisine, then the interior design idea should be based on the Newari theme. Similarly, if you serve local vegetarian food, use green plants for restaurant interior design. When your guests enter the restaurant, let the entrance create the right mood so that your customers share their experience with their friends.


Note that the use of appealing vignettes, impressive floral arrangements and so on will make your restaurants have must photograph locations, which is crucial in the media-centric world where Pinterest and Instagram allow you to advertise your services through customers without an investment. You see referral marketing in an easy and more effective way.

Flexible Movement Designs

The important thing to consider during the time of restaurant interior design planning is the space for operational activities. The staff should have a proper layout environment to work freely. The restaurant kitchens put out a lot of heat and smoke, and sometimes, the terrible smell as well. Remember to arrange proper ventilation and air conditioning that fits restaurant design. Well, why not invest a little extra when it reduces cost in the long run of business.

Selection of furniture and setting

Selection of furniture and organizing them in the right setting might be a daunting task if you do not balance welcoming ambiance and enough seating space. The furniture used in restaurants depicts the idea of chefs. So, you should create a restaurant environment according to the vibe that the menu gives off. Many restaurants have relaxing set up but what makes them lag behind is not proper interior design. For example, the kitchen is designed near the customer table, where the customers get disturbed by the sounds and irritated by the spicy smell of grilled chilly. Another reason could be the disturbing noise of the door due to the inflow and outflow of people. The customers need to face it when the seating is near the entrance door. You see how the restaurant interior design also adds to an irritating environment even in the presence of eye-catching interior designs.

banquet-main-stageIf you want to make loyal customers, provide a comfortable seating space as well as manage big space for more guests. It also depends upon which type of restaurant you are planning to open because many restaurants prefer more seating space as a part of their interior design. And again, the competitive market has interior design-focused restaurants due to more neighboring restaurants. After all, who on earth would deny being a regular customer when the restaurant serves a unique recipe with a pleasing environment.

Mirrors and Lighting for grip

Have you ever noticed why mirrors are used as part of interior decoration? The use of mirrors makes space look wider. In addition to that, they are used as a medium of light reflectors. You can use mirrors in the restaurants with bold looks or hang them using clever ideas. Tihar is famous as the festival of lights and you might have noticed how good lighting lightens up the mood not only of kids but also for adults. You also might have had a bike ride to see city lights at night during Tihar. The bar interiors are also decorated with more use of lights.


Lighting is a crucial part of restaurant interior designing. Many restaurants use lighting to showcase the food menu, food or even traditional arts. The use of lights with the correct angle to flatter guests in bar interiors is also one of the most important restaurant interior design ideas that are to be considered.

Choose a color scheme

The choice of beautiful colors to paint the restaurant can also be a budget-friendly restaurant design. You can play with texture, color coordination, and so on that best suits your restaurant theme. The use of bright colors adds positive attention to your restaurant. You can also use blue and green for illusions of large space using different dimensions. Restaurant color can sometimes reflect the relation between theme and the brand as it can be used as a trademark.

Showcase local arts and creativity

Take your customers into a journey far from regular designs and discover the unrevealed wonderful decoration ideas that take your customer to a different space of relief and relaxation. Even if the customer is not hungry, the customer will definitely order a cup of coffee to enjoy the relaxed environment you created for them.


You can call artists to create great pieces for your restaurant. It carries volume to guests. You can use local arts for restaurant wall decoration. Also, you can use your own DIY techniques to add attractive lighting to include a little more spice in your interior decor. The chairs, sofa sets, stools, and so on are too common in the restaurant. Why not give it a new look at your eatery? You can use different colored stools and chairs that have unique shapes. If you have a bunch of paper sheets, why not create unique handicrafts. For instance, the old useless cassette can be used as a new ashtray. Furthermore, the old jeans, bamboo sticks, metals, etc can be turned into unique interior design elements.

Look of Freshness

Most of the customers want fresh and hygienic food and a clean environment. You can decorate your space with plants, flowers, and fresh herbs on a rotating basis. It makes a positive psychological effect and visual connection of freshness to your ingredients. The advantage of using plants for restaurant interior design is that it has the natural power of reducing indoor air pollution. You can play with different colors and shapes to add style to your restaurant. You can add plants such as Money Plant, Calatheas Plant, Dracaena Limelight, and so on. Additionally, you can use different types of the terrarium. For instance, enticing customers with hanging orchid terrarium can be one of the eye-catching restaurant design ideas.

Restaurant Wall Decorations

You can use typography as restaurant wall decorations. The use of bold graphics, Marquee letters, and many more in a unique style make the restaurant different than others. Do not forget- it is better to choose the theme of your restaurant simply that matches your brand. The trend might run out of fashion and you might need another investment separated for interior design.

Banquet Design

The open kitchen design can be added to banquet services for liquors and snacks. It allows your customer to know closely about your product as well as it would be an environment where the customers can easily socialize. You can also consider ceilings for banquet hall interior design. If you desire to make an expansive space, you can choose a light-colored ceiling. If you use a darker color for the ceiling, it will visually lower the height of the ceiling.


So, to implement the proper design ideas in a restaurant, it is most crucial to understand the nature of the restaurant. This way you can provide great ambiance to your interiors of the restaurant.


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