7 Stunning Floor Design Ideas To Amplify Your Home Beauty

lot of times when designers conceptualize designs for homes, floors often go unnoticed, and are treated quite ordinarily. Even when a home has great walls and roofs, complemented by outstanding furniture, it is incomplete without proper flooring. There are so many floor designs out there that are targeted towards beautifying the floors and making them look amazing. These are the 7 stunning floor design ideas to amplify your home beauty.

Fumed Wood Flooring

Fumed Wood Flooring is a great way to decorate your floor. After the wood goes through this process called fuming, it develops this brownish ash like dark color tone. You could install these wood planks on your floor in a way that you desire to give it that distinct look.

Floor design ideasDistressed Concrete Tiles

Distressed Concrete Tiles are great alternatives to Wood Flooring. The popularity of tiles floor design is rising as customers have started demanding it greatly. What distinguishes distressed concrete tiles from normal tiles is that it goes through an artificial procedure which gives it an unpolished rustic look, and that’s where the charm lies.

Mosaic Designed Tiles

Mosaic Tiles are the regular ceramic tiles with different design patterns made on top of it. It is either completely white in color, or have patterns of black and white are getting extremely popular these days. These tiles are considered best for bathroom floor designs.

Rustic Farmhouse Floor Design

Floor design ideasIn the Rustic Farmhouse design, planks of wood of different sizes are painted and given that naturally aging look, and then installed on the floor. The entire process makes your floor appear rustic, resembling to that of an old farmhouse. The trend is getting quite popular in 2019.

Colorful Carpets Selection

Floor design ideasCarpets are a classic floor design choice for living rooms and bedrooms as they add that aspect of warmth in the rooms. Needless to say that it is available in variety of colors and designs. Despite the increase in the popularity of tiles and floors, carpets have always been a top choice as a part of floor design ideas.

Dark Toned Marble

Floor design ideasInstalling marble on the floor is a great way to decorate it. It is a great alternative to tiles; it’s stronger, and is available in variety of shades and shapes. You could arrange the pieces the way you like to give your floor an exceptional look. You could use it to decorate your bathroom, or practically any other room provided that the shade is right.

Go Green Flooring

The Go Green Flooring is a way for you to save environment by using different environment friendly items to decorate your floor. These items include bamboo, engineered wood, cork, and so on. Many people have realized this, and so, their demand is expected to increase tremendously in 2019.

By looking further into these floor designs and incorporating them at your home, you will get the floor of your dreams. Working together with other elements of your interiors, these stunning floor designs will definitely amplify the beauty of your home.

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