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Best Plan For House Design In Nepal : Home Design Ideas

They say building a house is building your dream. It is not often that we build our homes and so when you do, you have to make sure that you bring into life everything that you have ever wanted your dream house to be! The thing is that we are not professional architects and although we may know exactly what we want, bringing to life your dream house design takes a lot of experience and skill that only a professional architect can offer.

The Key Lies In The Right Contractor

Getting a House Design in Nepal is a lot of responsibility because besides fleshing out what is in your head, you also have to make sure that it is natural disaster proofed. Getting hold of the right residential architect is very important because he or she will be, in most cases, the tie-breaking vote between the general contractor and you. Since any house design will need the additional help of sub contractors, builders, interior architects and landscapers, getting an architect will make it a lot easier for you because they will help you select the right ones according to your project.


See it first

It is always better to get a home design 3d print first before you go ahead with the plan. Sometimes what looks great in your imagination may not be practical or good enough when brought to life. By checking out a 3d design first, you will know whether the design is really as good as it was in your imagination.

Here are some of the best home designs in Nepal right now.

1. Green Home Design

Green Design Nepal is all the rage right now. Back in 2015, the celebrated Japanese architect called Shigeru Ban built relief shelters for the refugees of April earthquake disasters using brick salvage taken from collapsed buildings. The country took note and there was no looking back ever since!
Nepal government has already made progress in adopting the CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks) technology and you can secure your home from potential earthquakes with this method. This is an earth quake resistant technology for building homes. It is a common house design in Nepal and any eco friendly architect and contractor will be well versed in this method of building. The CSEB technology is a great option especially if you are on a budget and is looking for a simple house design using semi skills.

2. Bungalow Design  Homes

House design in Nepal

Simply yet beautiful lines will always be trending. Bungalows provide the perfect opportunity for this. As a matter of fact, although the country has improved its economy in leaps and bounds, residents are always leaning towards the comfortable, homely, functional and practical bungalow buildings rather than ostentatious and showy ones. It is the best home design for its energy efficiency, water conserving and eco friendliness features.
You can give it a touch of the Joanna Gaines effect by turning it into a transitional farmhouse with main floor master suites and light colored metal roofs that are vertically siding. Give it charming but well defined features with paned windows and exposed beams to columns.

3. Chic Living With Modern House Design

House design in Nepal

Thanks to the trending modern house designs, it has become quite easy to look the part under a small budget. This kind of new house design is all about smart planning, minimalistic home plans both interior and exterior. With glass walls and homes built to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding nature, it will save you a lot of expenditure on power bills, wall paints, maintenance bills and a lot more. Modern homes designs are all about working with limited surfaces, small spaces and hostile terrains. You can make the most of a neglected piece of land without breaking the bank and the result will be outstanding, not to mention environment friendly!

4. Efficient Living With Small House Design 

House design in NepalMaybe you love downsizing, maybe you live empty nesting, maybe you just like the snug feeling in a compact and cute home, or maybe you are just concerned about the environment. Whatever it is, small house plans are eye catching with varied and gorgeous facades, smartly designed features and a snug cottage appeal. This kind of a house design in Nepal is popularly sought after these days because it is prone to natural disasters and people do not want to spend too much for fear of impending damage. Small home designs will help you to take advantage of every bit of inch in the area. This is great for your budget as well as for the environment. Small homes give a cozy cottage appeal and you can even extend it by making a snug room upstairs.

5. Walk The Talk With Big House Design 

House design in Nepal

There is a lot of advantage to having a big house. You can build it in any style you want – be it a modern day chic house design, a large farm house, mansion, bungalow, multi storied, etc. Since large homes provide a lot of rooms, it will give you the opportunity to build office space, library, party halls, large kitchen plus a generously spaced kitchen pantry, store house, enough space in the garage to house more than one car, and so on and so forth. One of the most popular smart techniques used in big house designs is that they use fewer walls. This means more savings for you since walls cost more than floors as building a wall will also incur other additional expenditures like windows, ventilators, etc.

Another common advantage to large home designs is that homeowners can incorporate variety when it comes to the interior design. They can give one space of the house a modern and chic touch with glass walls, minimalistic designs, etc. the same house can have another space looking like a fully fledged farm house with all the elaborate details. Most homeowners love bigger house designs because it makes the house look palatial even when the structure is just a simple basic design.