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Your Space Deserves Beautiful Bathroom Designs: Bathroom Design Nepal

Everyone has got a bathroom in their house. But when it comes to spending money on our home’s interior design, more often than not, creating beautiful bathroom designs is where we seem to draw the line.

Oftentimes, it also feels like that there is not enough space for interior design in Nepali houses, especially in Kathmandu, and the bathroom is where we cut costs and save space.

And that’s probably the reason there’s never enough counter space in our bathroom. All our shampoo and conditioner bottles, exfoliating mitts, and our anti-itch medication are displayed on the window ledge.

Instead, we invest extra time and resource designing striking living rooms and bedrooms and kids’ rooms while our bathroom designs remain dark and dreary. But just because one of the functions of the bathroom is to discard waste doesn’t mean we have to treat it like garbage. Without a well-designed bathroom, the overall interior design of your house will remain incomplete.

Thankfully, there are a variety of bathroom designs, from small to big and frugal to luxury bathroom designs. Some of the popular bathroom designs Nepali market has to offer are:

Modern bathroom designs 

Modern bathroom designs are becoming more and more about minimalism. But don’t let that fool you into thinking there aren’t enough options within these simple bathroom designs.

You can opt for geometric bathroom designs and go with a monochromatic scheme. Play with black and white to create a luxurious space with marble showers, clawfoot tubs, floating black and white vanities, and storage spaces. If you want to incorporate colors into your bathroom while still retaining a modern, sleek look, you can go for muted, calm tones like beige, gray and cream, among others.

Simple bathroom designs usually revolve around one statement item like a vintage mirror or vanity. The rest of the space is all about smooth surfaces, simple geometric shapes, sleek fixtures and a lack of ornamentation. The aesthetic is usually inspired by nature, and materials like earthy marbles and hardwoods are commonly used. 

Bathroom designs for small spaces

bathroom design

Simple bathroom designs work perfectly well for houses in Kathmandu where we are always short on space. A minimalist look helps optimize the space in the bathroom and maximize the appearance.

Trying to fit everything from a good toilet design, a shower stall, a tub and adequate shelving might make small bathroom designs look more like store rooms. But with some tried-and-tested styling tips, you can give your washroom a bigger appearance.

If you don’t have enough room to install drawers and shelves, go with woven baskets stuffed with towels and toiletries and put them under your sink. If you need more than one sink and want to optimize space at the same time, opt for a trough sink. Or you can install an oval sink and get some extra counter space compared to using a square one.

However, when it comes to bathroom designs for small spaces, we don’t only struggle with space but also with light. Because houses in Kathmandu are usually surrounded by buildings from all corners, we end up with dark, ill-lit, gloomy bathrooms.

But making use of natural lighting properly can help create bright and fresh bathroom designs. Get a big mirror to reflect light from your windows or add a natural skylight above your shower space. These tacks can help give your small and dark Kathmandu-bathroom a modern, minimalistic look.

Bathroom designs for big spaces

bathroom design

For those of us who are struggling with a completely opposite problem when it comes to the size of our bathroom, some carefully crafted ideas for big bathroom designs might help.

One of the best ways to make use of empty spaces in your large bathroom is to accessorize. Not only do these accessories help make use of the space but also allow you to add a personal touch, and quirky reflections of your personality, to your bathroom. Just make sure these accessories are functional too.

Play with a variety of cabinets, towel racks, mirrors and soap holders. Or add a pop of green to your bathroom with some fresh flowers or ornamental plants. If you are not confident in your ability to keep a plant alive, you can also choose from a variety of artificial plants.

The best thing about bathroom designs for big spaces is that they let you have things to make your bathroom a super comfortable space where you can relax for as long as you want. For instance, you can create have a seating area in your bathroom where you can rest or where someone can wait for you comfortably while you finish getting ready.

Use materials like glass, tiles and stones. And with a large bathroom, you don’t even have to shy away from using patterns in your bathroom designs. Just make sure these patterns and materials complement each other and blend well to create cohesive bathroom designs.

Still got more space? Add a fancy vanity set. Pair it with a vintage-looking armoire. When you are creating big bathroom designs, you can go all out and get all the stuff you’ve always wanted to get for your bathroom as long as they go together.

Bear in mind that everything has to work together to create a theme rather than having every new item you add clashing with each other. 

That’s exactly what professionals prevent. Trust me, every time a professional interior designer sees a bathroom that one has clearly spent a lot of money on to have it look like a fancy junkyard, a part of her/his soul dies.

If you are going to spend money on your bathroom, invest in professional consulting and service. At Green Design Nepal, we help you show your bathroom some much-needed TLC. We draw from our well of experience designing bathrooms to make your washroom a personal temple of relaxation.