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Best Living Room Designs In Nepal: Creating The Perfect Space

You already know how important the living room space is in your house, or any house for that matter. People usually use their living rooms for lounging about with their families or receiving guests and catching up with friends. To serve these diverse purposes and mold itself into whatever you want it to be, the versatility of a well-thought-out living room design works wonders.

A proper interior design of living room can tie together the design scheme of the whole house and give a sense of its owner’s personality. Gone are the days when you could stuff a sofa and a coffee table in a space and call that your living room design aesthetic. There is so much more to think about.

Interior Design Of Living Room

living room design

More and more families today hire professionals to take care of their living room interior designs. Professional interior designers pay attention to space planning, using quality materials, juxtaposing mismatched elements and adding layers to the room to create a personality. And living room design in Nepal, too, is slowly evolving to incorporate these essential bits.

With so many things to think about, the living room interior design needs just as much attention as other parts of your house, if not more. Depending on the size of your living room and its placement, an experienced interior designer develops a space plan first. Deciding on the living room furniture and decoration that matches your aesthetic comes next.

Living Room Furniture

Furniture plays a vital role in the overall interior design of living rooms. It might even be among the first things people see when they walk inside your house. Your living room furniture can help make a statement about your personality. You can go traditional or modern, bold or minimalistic with your furniture. With so many options available in the market, the possibilities are limitless.

Visualize your space. Decide what color and material you want. What kind of aesthetic do you want? And you also need to consider your budget for your overall living room design before you spend a major chunk of the money on the furniture. It’s important to be practical.

living room design

Choosing the right sofa is vital because the rest of your furniture revolves around it. There are many varieties of sofa available in the market—benchseat, camelback, deck, loose cushion, square arm, and so on. The most popular one nowadays in Nepal and around the world are sectionals. A sectional sofa comes in parts, and you can arrange them into a new shape, the most common one being an L-shaped sectional.

If, however, your living room is small, you want to use the right kind of furniture and accessories to make it look spacious. And sectional sofas may not work well with small spaces as they might take up your entire living room. But fret not, there are more than enough options that can you easily do without a large sectional.

Rather than getting bulky sofas and armchairs, go with small-scale furniture. That living room design gives your space a more capacious look. Find small settees, upholstered chairs, leather folding stools and slipper chairs, among other things. That allows you to have seating in your living room to have conversations with people without compromising on the sleek factor.

Picking out the right living room furniture is an exciting prospect, but for the untrained eye, it can be an overwhelming experience. You might end up picking furniture that looks great separately but doesn’t work together to create a cohesive living room design. For most families, living room furniture is a one-time purchase, so it is important to plan ahead and be sure it looks good.

Living Room Decoration

Next comes the décor! You might have picked the best-looking furniture in the world, but without proper accessorizing your living room design will look bland and all over the place. Carefully chosen living room decoration ties your furniture together and gives you the room to experiment that furniture may not.

When it comes to a proper décor, juxtaposing contrasting elements is a must. You have to combine different material, shapes, textures and patterns, and they work together to enhance each other’s presence. The interior design of your living room needs to be so executed that different accessories have different visual values while your eyes still move from one item to another without any of the items clashing with each other.


If you like geometrics, pick out geometric furniture and décor. But throwing in a circle with other square items helps people notice and appreciate the square a lot more. If you like a certain paint hue that is too dark, rather than painting all your walls that shade, you can pick out a wall and make that into a statement wall with the dark paint. That helps create a wonderfully juxtaposed living room design.

There are countless other décor styles, too, and you can experiment with most of them. Go with dark ceiling beams, get decorative baskets, create statement walls, hide your storage, use playful prints and patterns, jazz up your space with mosaic tiles. A painting or a statement rug does not only enhance your living room design but can also be a great conversation starter.

That’s true of most living room decoration items if it’s done right. You have to a strike a balance by starting with the architectural features in the room—windows and doors—and then you can accessorize with creative, playful or sombre pieces until a balance is reached.

If you feel lost or overwhelmed with the options or are not sure how to go about creating a perfect living room design, you are better off going with a professional interior designer. Green Design Nepal has a team of interior design experts with knowledge and experience in space planning, material selection and juxtaposition and layering. Most importantly, we help you create a cohesive theme to make your living room the perfect centerpiece for your home.