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Kitchen Design Ideas to Change Your Life [Kitchen Design Nepal]

Often we fail to show our kitchen the love that it deserves. While other parts of our house shine, we tend to skimp when it comes to our kitchen designs. The kitchen is the center of our home and our daily life, a place where we nourish ourselves with good food and a great time with our family.

Any kitchen design needs to be the perfect amalgam of beauty and functionality. Kitchens have to be inviting and warm, and the space has to be designed considering the overall interior design of house.

Whether you are looking to remodel your old kitchen or design your kitchen from scratch, when it comes down to the brass tacks, things can get pretty overwhelming. From countertops, islands, cabinets, paint colors, sink, faucets to appliances, there is a myriad of options that you or your interior designer has to pick from.

Along with that, a plethora of kitchen designs—modular, small, l-shaped, island and simple kitchen designs—are becoming more and more common in the Nepali market and in people’s homes.

Simple Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

As more and more people are opting for a minimalistic, clean look for their living space, simple kitchen designs are gradually becoming the norm. The trend may have gained traction in the beginning due to the decreasing house and kitchen sizes.

But now, simple kitchen design seems to have become the mainstay in both residential and commercial spaces regardless or how big or small the kitchen is. That’s primarily because you can never go wrong with a minimal, contemporary kitchen design–square layout, classic white cabinets and neutral stone counters—when it comes to creating a space that is timeless.

Bear in mind: A little goes a long way with minimal kitchen designs.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

You want a kitchen you’ll love 10 or 20 years down the line? If so, contemporary kitchen design is the way to go.

While traditional kitchen designs can look outmoded as soon as a new trend enters the market, contemporary kitchen designs never look out of sync with the times. This design has a lot of straight lines, sharp angles and neutral colors to give it a simple, minimal look.

To achieve that sleek look, design surfaces are continuous and seamless. Cabinet doors are so flush with the wall they virtually disappear in it.

Some might think that with a simple, minimal design it is hard to incorporate their own personality into the space. However, that’s not true. Contemporary kitchen design is minimalist and with small touches of your personality here and there, the space pops out even more.

For a personal touch, people might want a more interesting looking wall among the white ones or a pop of color in some parts of the furniture, a statement clock, among other things. A ladder in the kitchen, for example, can be a great way to combine form and function.

Apart from minimal cabinets and neutral colors, a contemporary kitchen design can be a mix of modern design with traditional or industrial styles. These combinations work great whether it is for a commercial or a home kitchen design.

Home Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

When it comes to opting for a contemporary kitchen design for your home, you need to first figure out if a minimalistic design goes with the theme for the rest of your home.

If your kitchen has only enough room for bare essentials, simple, modern kitchen designs are a godsend. With this kitchen design, you don’t have to worry about heavily accessorizing your space with chandeliers, big vases or bulky cabinets.

With white floor-to-ceiling cabinets or open shelves, storage will not look like it’s taking up unnecessary extra space. Small, clean dangling lights, neutral color palettes, a mirrored backsplash and a pop of color will make your space look bigger.

Commercial Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

However, simple kitchen ideas don’t just work well for small spaces. Be it large homes or commercial spaces, these kitchen designs work just as well to create warm and inviting spaces.

A commercial kitchen needs to be designed ergonomically to facilitate communication and maximize efficiency. Simple layouts, like the island-style layout, work extremely well for that purpose as they focus on having enough space for communication and have no room for clutter.

Placing the cooking equipment in one module at the center of the kitchen and putting other sections on the perimeter walls allows for an open space and easy accessibility to everything that one might need.

Apart from island-style layout, for a restaurant kitchen other simple kitchen designs, too, help maximize labor efficiency, safety and functionality and smooth flow of food from the kitchen to the customers.

Design Your Kitchen

Whether you want to design your kitchen from scratch or remodel it, be it for commercial or residential purposes, simple kitchen design is a great way to ensure that your investment won’t ever look outdated.

If you are worried about not finding the right kind of material or contractors in Nepal, you’ll be happy to know that the best in kitchen designs have made their way to the Nepali market too. There are excellent minimal kitchen designs Nepali interior design market has to offer.

To make sure you get your perfect kitchen, however, there are many things that need to be taken care of. Finding the right cabinet manufacturers, formulating a kitchen layout plan, placing the appliances for efficiency and easy reach, lighting, storage plans. And once that’s done, finding the contractors that understand what your vision of a ‘simple kitchen design’ is.

While a good knowledge of the aforementioned things can help you give your input in the process of your kitchen design, a professional hand is recommended to ensure everything goes on smoothly.

The interior designers at Green Design Nepal have significant experience doing everything from creating floor and wall plans, outlines for the kitchen layout to picking the right quantity and quality of material for your kitchen.

We also understand the importance of communicating constantly with the homeowners and incorporating their invaluable input into our work. We leave no stone unturned to make sure we design a space you’ll fall and stay in love with for years and years to come.