kitchen design for small spaces

Kitchen Design For Small Spaces (Make The Most Of Every Square Foot)

If you have paid attention to the kitchen designs in Kathmandu of late—at friends’, relatives’, even in your own home—you must have realized that these spaces are becoming ever so smaller. We have seen kitchen space shrink so much that some of them hardly fit two people in there at once.Along with limited real estate space available to people and the prices skyrocketing, the increasing popularity of small cooking and dining spaces may also be a reason for more homeowners opting for simple kitchen designs and looking for small kitchen storage ideas.

If you, too, are a recent homeowner or wish to remodel your cooking and dining area into a proper kitchen design for small spaces, you’ll be happy to know that there are numerous options lately even within a simple kitchen design.

You can pick a kitchen design for small space that best suits your need and your budget. And if you are unsure how to go about making that decision, the experts at Green Design Nepal are here to help you through the process.

Popular Trends in Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

When you have got a tiny cooking space, you need to make sure that everything you put in that space has a special place and adds to the overall look and functionality. Simple kitchen layouts make you really think about each and every element–countertops, lights, backsplash, kitchen appliances–before picking them out because you cannot afford to waste any space.

Let Your Countertops Shine:

What better way to do it than go with white? White is the best color for any kitchen design for small spaces. Regardless of the style you are going for, picking shades of white will make your space look much much bigger than it is.

Kitchen Design For Small Spaces

White marble countertops with a backsplash in a similar color or shade make the cooking space looks brighter and more spacious. Along with that, it also grabs immediate attention distracting from the rest of the space.

Pick a Low-Contrast Color Scheme

Kitchen Design For Small Spaces

Apart from white countertops, you could also go with white cabinetry, walls, and ceiling. This kind of interior design for kitchens–without boundaries or edges and a seamless transition from one part of the kitchen to another–is what interior designers themselves go for.

If you are worried about an all-white kitchen looking sterile, the designers can help you combine contrasting textures and shades. These techniques allow you to still have a simple kitchen design without having to give up on its aesthetic value.

Glass Cabinetry

One of the ways to make your very small kitchen design look bigger is by either getting rid of cabinet doors completely by opting for shelves rather than closed cabinets. However, if you don’t want to go the open route, glass doors are the perfect choice for you.

Replacing the solid fronts with glass can help detract the eye from the cabinet frames and move them to the cabinet depths making the walls look farther away than they actually are. With glass doors, however, you have to be sure that whatever you put in those cabinets are worth showcasing and stored in an orderly manner.

Streamlining Storage:

Kitchen Design For Small SpacesA very small kitchen design and cooking space mean that you don’t have enough space for storage. The problem with that is that everyone obviously has a lot of stuff to store in their kitchen–food items, cooking pots and pans, dishes, appliances, so on and so forth.

How does a kitchen design for small space allow for adequate storage? Rather than crowding the countertops with appliances, just use a corner to store said appliances. Free up rest of the countertop so everything looks sleek and clean. You can also use a cabinet to store toasters, blenders, and coffeemakers to conceal them from sight but still have them within reach for frequent use.

Among the best small kitchen storage ideas are recessed shelving units. Fixing one of these shelves in between the wall space make these storage units blend with the rest of the kitchen design for small spaces. They are functional and aesthetically pleasing, too, making them the best storage solution for small kitchens.


Slim and Sleek Furniture

Kitchen Design For Small Spaces

A major part of interior design for kitchens that are small is picking the right furniture. The first thing we mean by that is staying as far away as possible from bulky dining tables and chairs, cabinets, and storage solutions.

So what is the best choice of furniture for a simple kitchen design? The best thing to do is go with something that is visually lightweight. Rather than going with a separate dining table and chairs, simple kitchen layouts allow for the usage of kitchen islands–combined with light bar stools–as breakfast bars or dining area.

These lightweight furniture options don’t block the walls and the light, and since you can freely move your eye from one section to another, they create an illusion of capaciousness. That’s exactly what you are looking to create in a kitchen design for small spaces.

Make the Kitchen’s Height The Center of Attention

Clearly, with a small kitchen, the size of the space won’t do much to impress people and make you feel relaxed either. However, rather than making the size of the kitchen the subject of focus why not decorate it so that the eye directly moves upward. That, along with distracting from the tightness of space, will also make the space look roomier.

To attract attention towards the higher points of the kitchen, you can decorate on top of the cabinets and shelves. Decorating with small pots and vases on high points will highlight those areas. It also gives you room to decorate and add a few pretty touches here and there, which is a luxury rather hard to come by in small kitchens.

Just because you have a small cooking and dining space, don’t let that deter you from making the kitchen the highlight of your home. With these simple ideas and tricks, you can make the most of that space without having to compromise on how it looks and feels. Turn your kitchen more than just a space where you cook and eat into a place where you spend quality time with your loved ones.