7 Awesome Kids Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Have you been looking for ideas to have your kid’s room decked up with beauties, arts, and craft to give it a replenishing look while staying within the budget? Please of ideas but they cross your pocket zone? Fascination does not always need to be expensive, it is largely possible to envisage your thoughts and turn them into reality while staying in your desired budget.Here, we have seven excellent kids bedroom ideas that would glorify your kid’s room while giving it an alluring look and all of this would fall exactly within your selected budget.

Using Stencils As Wall Decor


Stencils portray colorful surroundings while inducing creativity. They are the perfect choice when it comes to kids bedroom design on a budget. A look and feel of the playtime area, the usage of stencils give a view of playfulness and brings a smile to the face of your toddler. You can choose anything, be it a triangular pattern or geometrical shapes, black and white or filled with vibrant shades, making the wall reflect a rustic view to your small cuties. Choose a theme of your choice or something that attracts your kid and have it portrayed on the wall using stencils. An excellent way to turn your boring furniture into something attractive and appealing and of course in a budget-friendly way.

Personalized Artwork By Your Own Art King


What can be the best thing other than to have your kid’s artwork decorated in his entire room. One of the best kids bedroom ideas is to hang up all his artwork on the wall of the room in a perfect way. Your child might be an aspiring painter or has immense interest in drawing or painting. An impressive artwork, he carries along with himself all the way to home regularly. Using his own artwork can be the best kids bedroom ideas for small rooms. You can choose to hang a string at places in the room and they simply peg on the drawing of your own painter. This would not just be an amazing kids bedroom ideas but would allow boosting your kid’s confidence to draw more. You can either keep replacing the older ones with the newly drawn art or opt for the Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet that can efficiently store as many as 50 sheets with the glass door allowing to easily flip between the images. You child masterpiece be the small kid’s bedroom design.

Stars On The Ceiling


Kids dreams, they stare at the sky. An amazing kids bedroom design on a budget is to cover the plain ceiling with glittering stars. Planets and stars at the top of the ceiling give an illusion of the starry night. The awesome bedroom ideas for your small dreamers. To opt for kids bedroom design on a budget is to buy sheets of stars and planets and have it posted on the wall or the ceiling of your kid’s room. This would not just be given an alluring look but also attract the kids and mesmerize them wiry the wonderful ambiance. You can also hang planets from the ceiling.

Stickers On The Wall


You just have your kids growing and might be looking for kids room decorating ideas but you do not wish to spend lavishly. One of the best ideas for kids bedroom design on a budget is to decorate the room all over with the stickers of the favorite characters of your kids. Every child lovers cartoon and they always try to mimic them. They are innocently in love with those animated characters and what could be best than give them a view of their loved cartoon character all around their bedroom. You need to worry about those stickers lying there forever as they are easily removable and replaceable. You can either choose from the theme available or customize as per your kids need.

Funky Storage On The Wall


It is one of the most appealing kid’s bedroom design ideas. Your kid’s room might be a small space and you might not be able to organize pieces of stuff. In such as case opting for funky storage would not just give the room an attractive look but would also end your search of creative storage solutions. Storage is an artistic option for kids bedroom ideas for small rooms. Myriads of shelves are available which are both modular and adjustable. You can choose mini buckets attached to the wall of your kid’s room to store their endless things. From books to copes, art and craft materials to stationary, you can arrange all while giving the room an authentic look. The best kids bedroom ideas to decorate perfectly.

Magnetic Chalkboard

 An effective idea to decorate your kid’s room in a budget-friendly way is to induce a magnetic chalkboard paint that could be used for educational purposes too. Your child can learn numbers, alphabets, letters and make words on the go. Kids love to scribble or play with the wall, then why not give them the freedom but in an organized way. The letters, numbers can be effectively put up on the wall which would not just give the wall a decent look but engage your child in learning activities. If you have been looking for kids bedroom ideas, then you must check this out.

Canopy Across The Bed


 Your kids bed might have turned old and boring and you might have been looking for kids bedroom ideas to replace or modify the bed. An exquisite way is to build a canopy over the bed giving it a new look. A cozy and romantic look for your kids, the canopy can be easily wrapped, flipped giving the bedroom a different look each time. A feel of outdoor camping within the room to rejoice your kids, building a canopy can be an amazing idea to transform your kid’s room into something new and attractive.

Now this is all over to you, which idea suits your purpose and budget while decorating your kid’s room beautifully.