Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas: Create Your Personal Temple Of Relaxation

When it comes to a bedroom design, one option is perhaps to bring the whole showroom into your master bedroom. Get the exact same rug, bedroom decoration, wardrobe design, and so on. And while that option is sure to look put-together and stylish, the bigger question here is if will it be a space you can call your own, a space that feels like home to you?

If not, and the answer most probably is in the negative, perhaps you need to go with something different. There are very many ways you can bring different elements together into the bedroom design for it to be the right reflection of the kind of space you want to inhabit. Here, in this article, we’ll discuss different bedroom design ideas to help you create your own private sanctuary. And with more options made available for bedroom design in Nepal, you can follow any of these design ideas and make them your own.

The Best Bedroom Design Ideas:

Minimalist Bedroom Design:

Bedroom Design Ideas

This is one of our favorite bedroom designs! Simple bedroom designs are becoming extremely popular in Nepal. And for good reason too. I mean can you imagine having a highly decorated and intricate bedroom filled with antiques in a Kathmandu house?

It is not entirely impossible, but the requirement is that you have enough space in your bedroom to accommodate all these items while you still have room to breathe. But let’s be honest. Space has become a valuable, and a rather expensive, commodity in Kathmandu. And if your bedroom is small, why fill it up with too many things and go about knocking them down every time you extend your limbs a little bit?

Especially if you own an apartment or a small house, a simple bedroom design becomes not only a choice but a necessity.

How do you then create a minimal space that you can relax in after a long day? A space that doesn’t induce claustrophobia? A bed, a nice rug, some bedroom decoration and a closet is more than enough for a small space. Frankly, this is all you need for a simple interior design of bedroom, minimal or not.

Bright paint hues—like white, cream or eggshell white—plain white drapes and a geometric wardrobe with sharp, angular lines can go a long way. A simple closet in plain colors is our favorite when it comes to wardrobe design for bedrooms. 

Even when it comes to bedroom decoration, make sure everything you put in your space is functional. Get a big statement mirror to go on one of the walls to make your room appear bigger; get some cheap wicker baskets for storage; get a few decorative items in brass or bronze to contrast with the otherwise plain background.

These tacks will make your room look stylish and like you’ve made an effort without making it look like a crowded mess of a storage space. 

Mix It Up: Modern With A Traditional Twist

Bedroom Design Ideas

For this style, which again has become a staple with most bedroom design in Nepal, both residential and commercial, you just stick with a modern aesthetic and add some traditional elements to it.

Just stick with a neutral color scheme—whites, browns, greys, beige—to layer the rest of the items on. The neutral hues will make your room look luxurious and relaxed, and with the use of natural textures, you give your room a modern appearance.

And for a traditional touch, add decorative items inspired by Nepali culture. Traditional light fixtures, a beautiful rug, simple Dhaka throw pillows, antique brass and bronze vases and bowls, and other accessories can help you add an element of your personality in the contemporary bedroom design.

Our favorite fusion trend is a modern room with a traditional Newari alcove and Ankhi Jhyal from where you can people watch or just lounge about and read a book while taking a breath of fresh air. That’s pure heaven if you ask us.

Bedroom Decoration:

Bedroom Design Ideas

Now that we have talked about a few bedroom design ideas—minimalist, fusion, eclectic, transitional, and so on—it’s time to move on to some bedroom decoration ideas, both popular and not so popular. Take your pick and decide what decorations you want in your bedroom. Or you can be super creative and come up with your own ideas. Experiment away!

Some soft lighting in your bedroom can help you feel relaxed and get a good night’s sleep. Apart from the carpets, paint hues and curtains, you also have to pay special attention to the bedclothes and make sure they complement other colors in your bedroom.

And lastly, let’s talk about wall decorations for your bedroom. Now you already know what role a mirror can play in your bedroom, but what about other centerpieces? A headboard can be a great statement piece, that is if you don’t want to invest in other expensive items and want to have a minimally decorated bedroom with your bed getting the majority of the attention. You can’t go wrong with a patterned headboard.

Also, add some items of personal value and importance. A bookshelf with your favorite books perhaps or some paintings that you like and that inspire you can be the perfect addition to make your bedroom truly yours. A space that you can enjoy and is for more than just sleeping in.

A cohesive bedroom design is possible only from a balance of style and comfort, of a proper mix of furniture and decorations. And it can get rather overwhelming sometimes because no matter how much we research personally to style our bedroom, without some professional assistance, it never goes as planned. So let Green Design Nepal, a leading interior design firm in the country, handle for you your bedroom designs needs and more.