Wardrobe Design Ideas For Bedroom- Add Elegance

Bedrooms stand incomplete without a spectacular wardrobe to act as a closet for all your clothes. While opting to design an elegant bedroom, you tend to oversee that fact that wardrobe is not just functional but can be decorative too. The perfect choice of wardrobe designs for bedroom can change the look and feel of your room thereby giving the entire space and alluring look.Basically, wardrobes designs are an array of drawers supported by a closet along with few coat racks. But don’t you think this is a way too traditional and partly old. How about having a walk-in wardrobe that would have everything at a single place. Your clothes for every occasion, your shoes, accessories all decked up perfectly in a single closet and you no longer need to surf different corners of your room to find one. Here, we have for you several bedroom wardrobe design ideas with stylish appeal along with solutions for smart storage and organizing your closet. If your bedroom missed one of those, then you might surely be convinced to refurbish your bedroom wardrobe with our collection of closet design ideas which will also enhance your bedroom design.

Closet Design

Owning a closet room could a dream for many. We love to be surrounded by the appealing view of our collection of clothes or accessories. Walking in like the queen and trying every possible combination that suits both the occasion as well as the person. However, closet designs are not just for pleasing yourself but offers a plethora of options to segregate your storage solutions and organize your dresser your way. You could choose to make it large or just occupy a corner of your room. Before selecting a design, be sure about the space you are to use for the same.

closet-wardrobe design

You can go to the entire room space or half squares and then choose from our range of closet ideas to make your bedroom look more spacious and tidier.

Shape of Closet

1)  Straight Closet

2) U Shaped Closet

3)  L Shape Closet

Basically, the L shaped closet gracefully occupy the space between two walls of your bedroom. A more interesting combination would be the U shape that would account for a larger space, maybe three walls of your bedroom. However, the best and the most widely used choice for closer designs are the straight Closets. They are way more functional and you can expect larger storage due to their huge sides. They also provide an option for an additional mirror to glorify the entire look.

The Exterior Look

Glass Doors


One of the most elegant looking wardrobe design is the glass doors that would totally enclose your spacious wardrobe and would glitter with the shelf lighting above the closet. It consists of spaces for shoes, shirts, an array of drawers and separate compartments for keeping clothes you don’t wish to display. An impressive way to portray your fashion sense with our closet design ideas.

Wardrobe with Sliding Doors


The best way to occupy the wall that hid behind the headboard is opting for sliding doors. Not just occupying the unused space but this wardrobe design leaves plenty of spaces with a pleasing look to your bedroom. The interior of the closet has a chest of drawers offering your myriads of options to store clothes and other items.

Artistic Designs

Decorating your room walls with artworks has been a fashion for long. How about shifting the same to your wardrobe? Beautiful wallpapers inducing artwork to allure your wardrobe is an excellent wardrobe design idea that adds grace to your entire bedroom. a motif that perfectly blends with the existing decor of your room is an add-on to the entire beauty.

Transparency To Make It Crystal


If you are among those who prefer a walk in closet but the space of your room restricts your view for wardrobe designs, then you can seamlessly opt for see-through doors. One of the modern wardrobe design that you can undoubtedly use for your bedroom. Prefer keeping the frame of your wardrobes closet similar to the one in your room as it adds to the cohesiveness of the design. Either the above or you can also choose the shelves of the drawers lighter that works perfect adding contrast to the wardrobe design.

Patches to Glorify Your Wardrobe


Singles shades for your closet is good but not elegant. The recent trending wardrobe design ideas include patches all over your wardrobes. A quilted design to replace the old single colored wardrobe. Use different shades to add patches to your wardrobe giving it an appealing and mesmerizing look.

Mirror Mirror On The Wardrobe


Worried about the space being small in your room and you are not getting a clue of how to design your wardrobe. A blissful wardrobe design idea for small rooms is to induce mirror finish on your closet giving it the best possible look. It not just sold your problem if space but enhance the view of the entire bedroom appearing as if your room was actually larger than what it is. Reflecting light along with space, a light paint on your wall would beautify it more.

Add Printed Arts to the Doors of Your Wardrobes


Wardrobe Design could be anything that pleases your sight and perfectly blends with the interior of your bedroom. Simple doors look serene but why not add printed arts in them to make it more appealing and glittering. Choose a solid color for the door so that the light colored print does not hamper its beauty. A splendid combination and contrast colors give your bedroom an elegant look.

Your bedroom Your Choice

With an excellent collection of our closet and wardrobe design ideas, you can choose the one that suits best your bedroom. Do not alter the entire room but prefer adding more color and stay at par with the existing pattern in your room. Do not astray from the basic appearance as too much of it would hamper the beauty and devastate the entire look. A perfect look you choose to design your wardrobe your way.