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Great Interior Lighting Ideas For Every Room Of Your Home

Interior designing involves a wide assortment of tools to glorify your house the way you wish. However, it so happens that many times they underrate few things that otherwise would have transformed the entire appeal of your house. Lighting as we call it, not just brightens up the entire space but also adds to the authentic view of every room of your house. We have plenty of lighting ideas to decorate your house and add to the mood of each room.With the right lighting idea, your home feels great and blooms even on days the outer weather is gloomy and sad. There are a plethora of lighting choices to choose from. Energy savers or the layered lighting tactics is the best way to organize your search space when it comes to designing the interiors of your dream house.

It is, however, important to induce a combination of lights that would have an aesthetic appeal to your home. Separate ideas for separate rooms to glorify the entire space. Be it reading, or drawing or choosing clothes, the perfect light makes it more convenient to work.

Choosing The place

When you are designing your house, you need to look up at each place and identify the required brightness for the same. The dark areas are to be picked up first as they require more light to brighten up the surrounding. Choosing the dark areas and finding their source helps in the choice to be right lighting.

Tips To Lighten Up Your Room

Ambient Lighting:

Alluring more than 75% of your room, ambient lighting ensures a great look along with a few ceiling fixtures. See details on the subject of 20 euro bonus ohne einzahlung.

lighting ideas

Task Lighting:

To ensure small tasks to carry out while keeping the surrounding a little dim, it helps you to carry out activities such as reading a book, finding tools or brushing your teeth.

lighting ideas

Accent Lighting:

A decorative tool to add beauty to the entire room, accent lighting is like icing on the cake.

lighting ideas

Every room has a different spec that attracts the sight of people and it becomes imperative to lighten each room as per its architecture and surrounding. Interior lighting ideas should cater to the need of the room and stay on par with the place.  We have strategies or lighting ideas in each room ensuring that it provides the best look while staying in your budget.

Dining Rooms

lighting ideas

Your kitchen dazzles with all the ambient cutlery and a perfect kitchen lighting idea would add to its appearance. A skylight would complement the interior of your kitchen and is the best option when it comes to small spaces. If you wish to try something new and different from the traditional ceiling lights, you can opt for under cabinet LEDs that would illuminate the counter top of the kitchen cabinets. Another excellent lighting idea is the induction of hanging lights. It gives you the appearance of an island. An exquisite idea to style your kitchen your way.

Living Room

The place where you spend most of your time needs to be beautified with wonderful lighting ideas. An excellent lighting idea for living room is the induction of chandelier that distributes lights evenly throughout your hall. An excellent home decor, chandelier with its classical appearance adds elegance to the living area. Another lighting idea is to place the floor lamps. Depending upon your interiors, you could select the shape and size of the lamp to add a member to your living area. The best in the budget light that comes in several designs to allure your living area.

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To highlight a specific area in your living room, you can consider the beautiful recessed lights which alter the mood of a room within seconds. One of the most traditional living room lighting ideas include lights on the ceiling fans. The best way to illuminate your living room design.


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Your bedroom is the most important and the loved place. A place where you and your partner create memories and so having a perfect ambiance ads love to your life. If you are one of those who prefer late night reading, then a bed lamp is a must. Dimmers associated with lamps allow you to monitor the brightness of your room. Scones are not just for the living room but can be a part of your home lighting idea. A complimentary decor that could beautify your bedroom design seamlessly.


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The most common bathroom lighting ideas are to opt for ceiling fixtures that perfectly blends with the interior of your bathroom. You can either choose to place them at a specific part or even above the sink. Bathrooms are incomplete without mirrors and it is imperative to have lights within it. They give a wider space appeal above and beyond your sink.

Lighting ideas could range from the basic wall lights to the hanging pots, the chandelier to the scones, floor lamps to patchy shaded of bulbs. A perfect interior lighting idea starts from choosing the space and the shape along with the size you wish to buy. A blend of beauty and style transform your house into a home and pleases everyone that visit your house.

An important aspect while choosing the right light for our house is the amount you wish to spend the same. As everything needs a cost to be paid and so does the wonderful and so does the lighting in the interiors of your house. However, all the stylish lighting ideas presented above are designed keeping in mind the budget and pocket of a person. Green Design Nepal has expertise in providing the best interior solution for your house, the way you want. A successful design interior for you is what we strive towards obtaining. You can customize our bad lights in a way that best matches your house.