Interior Design Trends in Nepal

8 Interior Design Trends in Nepal in 2018

Interior design trends change all the time; old things evolve to match the new aesthetic that’s popular in any given period and new things are introduced all the time. Like everywhere else in the world, there are new and exciting interior design trends in Nepal that are being embraced wholeheartedly in both commercial and residential avenues.

These interior design trends come and go every year, and no one can go about changing their space to keep up with all these trends. So it’s important to understand which one these trends can be timeless and not just a passing fad. Also remember that you don’t have to incorporate every one of these trends into your design.

However, if you have been looking to incorporate colorful wallpapers or patterned ceiling décor into your home, there’s been no better time than now for these adventurous interior design trends. From ice cream color palettes, to metallic-black fusions to colorful furniture, mixed textures, shimmery floors and so much more.

Here’s a quick roundup of interior design trends 2018 is fast embracing and the different ways you can make them your own.

1. A Touch Of Nature:

Interior Design Trends in Nepal

Our living space is getting more and more dull and mechanical. Kathmandu is filled with congested spaces in box apartments with no room to breathe. Such has become our house, a space that should be meant for relaxation. With our homes increasingly inducing claustrophobia rather than cradling us comfortably, more and more people are incorporating touches of nature into their living space.

Greenery is fast becoming one of the popular interior design trends in Nepali homes and offices. That is, however, not just limited to throwing in a few houseplants into our living room or kitchen design. A touch of green is becoming a part of everything—wallpapers, rugs and carpets, fabrics, upholstery and cushion, furniture, and so on. That’ll help your home do what it does best: be an epitome of relaxation.

2. Ice Cream Palettes:

From minimalist gray and white colors in 2017 to soft ice cream palettes in 2018, interior design trends are driving down the vibrancy lane once again. Spring and summer would be incomplete without a touch of these soft, soothing colors in your room design and decoration.

You can introduce soft pinks and blues in your furniture and accessories, or mix up these hues for multiple walls in your house. Even if you are a minimalist, you could add splashes of pastel hues in vases, crockery, dining chairs or rugs to emphasize the minimalism of the rest of your kitchen or living room design.

3. From Mini To Maxi:

Interior Design Trends in Nepal

While 2017 and some part of 2018 has been the celebration of minimalism worldwide, in terms of interior design trends and fashion, more and more people seem to be making the shift to maximalism these days. Dramatic dark blues, greens, yellows and oranges are replacing whites and grays. Velvets and natural materials are being used for upholstery, and flamboyant wallpapers are being used not just to create statement walls but to cover all four walls in a room.

4. Geometric Shapes And Patterns:

Geometric shapes and patterns were popular in 2017 too, but in 2018 we are seeing geometrics seep into tiles, wallpaper and art and not just be limited to furniture and cushions. This year these geometric tiles are being incorporated into bathroom design and for kitchen splashbacks. Apart from tiles, gallery walls too are featuring geometric shapes and making the most of this new interior design trend.

5. All That Glitters:

The metallic trend was reintroduced into our lives in 2017, and in mid 2018 it’s still going strong. Gold, more than other metals, is here to stay, and if there’s one trend you should get into in 2018, it’s certainly this one. Gold is elegant and softer than silver, and makes your space look warm and classy. Make sure not to overdo it, though. Incorporate gold in small elements like doorknobs, lamps, mirrors, picture frames, and so on.

6. Accessories Made Of Natural Material

Natural fibers and materials are all the rage right now, especially when it comes to accessorizing a living space. From macramé, fringing to tufting, bathroom designs and room decorations are embracing this new trend. You can optimize space, for instance by using wicker baskets for storage in bathrooms, or add an organic feel to any space with wall hangings, placemats, coasters and rugs made of natural fibers.

7. Wood For A Rustic Aesthetic:

Expansive planks have become popular in houses now, and people are all over this new interior design trend in Nepal and elsewhere. They give the space a vintage look and are perfect for anyone who is going for a rustic or industrial aesthetic. These wide planks can also be a statement feature in the room and other features can be then downplayed to strike a balance.

8. Vintage Accessories Making A Comeback:

Mixing modern elements with vintage ones gives your space an interesting personality. And while this is a trend that’s been going on for ages, this year it has made a strong comeback. These vintage items—be it an armchair, a chandelier or a fireplace—can be the focal point of your room and make it look so much more interesting than filling your room up with all the similar items.

Final Thoughts for Interior Design Trends in Nepal

More and more homeowners in Nepal are becoming aware of just how important a proper design plan can be. And the good news is that there are popular interior design trends 2018 has to offer Nepali clients—from home accessories and room decoration to interior styles.

A myriad of interior design trends in the Nepali market means for the clients that they can pick and choose the design that goes best with their design aesthetic and the purpose their space is meant to serve. And the professionals at Green Design Nepal are here to help you choose the right ones to help create a timeless space.