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Wall Decoration Ideas For Nepali Homes

For a well designed home, adding beautiful wall decorations goes a long way in further enhancing its appeal. But more often than not, when it comes to wall decorations, we tend to either under or overdo it.

Either we go all in and cover most parts of our house with photo frames or paintings or we just rely on the wall paint to do the beautifying. And that’s why we have come up with this post on wall decoration ideas to help you strike the right balance when decorating your walls to make sure the décor scheme goes with your home’s personality.

Which wall decoration ideas should you go with?

Wall décor is a large part of overall room decoration, but since there are a variety of options available, you need to be able to pick the right ones for your home. But how?

The first thing you want to do is take a look at the wall you want to decorate. What room of the house is the wall in? How big is the wall? Then you can determine what size and type of art you can go with for your wall so that it looks the best.

It is usually suggested that you go with wall art is 6 to 12 inches less wide on both sides than the wall so that the placement looks correct. If you are hanging a wall art over a piece of furniture, make sure the art has the same dimensions—particularly length—as the furniture or is smaller. 

Wall decoration with wall arts

This is probably among the most popular wall decoration ideas these days. The reason for that is the versatility afforded by wall arts and the variety of options available. A good piece of wall art works well in your living room, study or even your dining hall, depending on what the art contains and what the style for each of these rooms are. For minimalist spaces, for instance, you can go with a black-and-white photograph or even pick out a vibrant painting for perfect juxtaposition between your wall decorations. 

Wall decoration with paintings

wall decoration ideas

The walls in your house, regardless of their size, have so much potential to up your home’s style factor if used correctly. And wall decoration with wall arts—be it large canvas art or a gallery wall, abstract paintings or oversize photographs—are great ways to do just that, especially for the art collectors and art enthusiasts among us.  

If you have got a large wall, you can go with a large canvas wall art, as they make for perfect statement pieces and allow you to add a touch of your personality to your wall. Wall decoration with paintings also act as the center of focus in your room and instantly catch your guest’s eye.

If on the other hand, like the most of us living in cramped up Kathmandu apartments, you don’t have a big wall, you can always go with smaller pieces that can be made into a collage-like art piece. You can also create a gallery wall, which is fast becoming one of the most popular wall decoration ideas in houses in Nepal and elsewhere.

You can create unique gallery walls that are timeless by mixing an eclectic mix of paintings together. These walls are full of character and can be great to fill up a large wall in your house. If you are into photographs, wall decoration with photos is an excellent alternative.

Cover up your living room walls with a mix of black-and-white and color photos from floor to ceiling. Or you can decorate adjacent walls and wrap a gallery wall around a corner and fill them up with all kinds of artistic portraits.

There are a few things you need to bear in mind when creating a gallery wall. Make sure to keep it cohesive and follow a theme, either you are going for a wall decoration with paintings or photographs. Even if you are planning to mix both, go with similar frames or colors to keep it subtle. Or keep things tidy by keeping all the art within a fixed square or rectangular space. 

Wall decoration with paper

wall decoration ideas

If you are slightly short on budget to go with your brilliant wall decoration ideas or are just more into DIY, wall decoration with paper makes for splendid substitute décor.

You can go with wall hangings made out of paper, paper flowers or frames, butterflies and other DIY paper objects to decorate your room. These DIY wall decoration ideas work better for kids’ or teenagers’ rooms, and help add a certain creativity and playfulness to the room.

If decorating with DIY flowers, however, is too dorm-roomy for you, you can opt for simple, minimalistic wallpapers, too, in keeping with the luxury, designer aesthetic of your home. 

Final thoughts

Wall decoration ideas, however, are not limited to just photographs, paintings and wallpaper. You can install floating shelves on the walls and fill them up with books from your collection and mix in some small sculptures, bookends and so on.

You can also hang fine china on your walls with wire plate hangers to display your collection of favorite china rather than hiding them in a cabinet where they’ll do nothing more than collect dust.

Designers today also opt for showcase fabrics like tapestries or wall hangings to juxtapose different texture and colors within your living space. You can also frame vintage scarves or display macramé wall hangings to further experiment with textiles and textures.

From picking the right wall decoration to go with your aesthetic to its placement and size, even though it seems simple, executing wall decoration ideas perfectly can be a tough business. Professional designers at Green Design Nepal can provide you the needed aid to help visualize what every element will look like together with other accessories in your home. Remember: the walls in your house are blank canvases, and you need talented, creative artists to paint your vision on to your walls.