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Home Decoration Ideas: DIY for Nepali Homes

House is a place we dwell in. The beauty, the appeal that a well-designed house offers to go unparallel with any other thing. A beautifully designed house calls for alluring walls that would leverage its appearance. Home decoration is all about the furniture, the wall hangings, and the showpieces you choose to deck your house gracefully.

Interior Designing

When you are thinking to have your house decorated and beautifully designed you always look for designers. Perfect items placed at the right places give an alluring look to your house and deems it inviting. Whoever visits your house desires to come again.

Each one of us wishes to have a beautiful house, we spend hours surfing on the internet looking for the photos or ideas that would best serve our need. We fantasize to have the most magnificent and attractive look to your homes. Not just luxuriously but also in the look and feel of the decor items placed in our houses. We start with windows, decked up with curtains matching our furniture, laced up or curled. Pleasing art forms that give a sterile look to the entire house.


Lightening up the house with glittering bulbs and lamps. Some choose basic lights whereas few opt for pendant ones that give an elegant look. Chandelier for houses that have huge ceilings, crafted in geometric forms to add to the grace of its beauty. Floor lamps, fixture lights, and a plethora of options to add style along with top quality home decor items would give your house a magnificent look.


However, it is not always that home decor seeks money and that to a large sum to have all of above incorporated. If you are short on budget and looking for pocket-friendly ideas to decorate your house or some quick DIY ideas for home decoration then you are in the right place.

Here, we have few ideas that are easy to opt and would give a ravishing look to the house along with staying at par with your budget.

DIY Decor Ideas

 There has always been a rising need to have imported furniture as people of Nepal desire to give their houses an aesthetic appeal. There was a time when home decoration ideas revolved around the need to have wonderfully crafted furniture, handmade or machine blended.  A paradigm shift occurred to replace home decoration items with handcrafted goods. But it is not always required to spend much while opting for a renovation or giving your houses a totally new ambiance.

Green Design Nepal caters to the need and the expectations of users and we have few DIY home decor ideas that are cheap as well as easy to induce. An excellent combination of beauty with cheap DIY home decor that would not just add to the appeal of your houses but also give it a new look.

Nepal has been one of the best city which is known for its craft and culture. People there consider handicrafts as the center of home decoration. An excellent piece of wooden craft or a handmade wall hanging or an artifact could turn your place into something more pleasing and be inviting. And for Nepalese society, local crafts have evolved since years and people love to decorate their houses with the same. Let us have a look at some of the DIY idea for home decoration in Nepal.

1) Home Wall Decoration

Home Wall Decoration ideas could be anything from covering them with photo frames to paintings, wall hangings to art and craft items. But when you are beautifying your house yourself, one thing you must be sure about is that a balance exists between everything you do. Wall arts are one of the most impeccable way of designing your house yourself. Try buying a black and white frame and have your favorite photograph hung on your wall to opt for a perfect home decoration. If you are a painter or like to draw art then you can also opt to have your own crafted work hung on the wall.


A wonderful art gallery is the best DIY home decor ideas. If your house witnesses smaller walls, then create a collage of images as per the size of your wall. This is one of the most popular DIY home decor concept being used by Nepalese all over.

2) Paper Decorations

 Another excellent DIY home decor tactic would be to have your wall beautifully covered with paper cut in different shapes to add creativity and is the best substitute for home decoration when you are less on a budget. You can opt for hangings on the wall crafted out of paper, flowers or frames, cut in the form of a butterfly or any other object that soothe you. Instead of plain papers you can choose printed wallpapers and then cut them as per the shape desired to add color to your house.


Wall arts the best thing to go for when it comes to DIY home decor. Not just they add luxury but also gives an aesthetic appeal to the entire house.

3) Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

 home decoration ideasAnother excellent idea for home decoration is a wall hanging made out of Macrame. It requires a dowel, a ring of medium size along with a pair of scissors. To have a wonderful hanging made, you need cut the cord of Macrame and then half fold them equally. Further, know each cord adjacent to the ring. Continue to make knots on the first and second cord and repeat the same with the fourth cord. This eventually appears in the form of an owl. In order to give a more appealing look, you choose to add beads as the eye of an owl. Determine the size that best suits your wall.

A few modifications to your existing house would make it more fanciable and with a tinge of your own ideas, everything around would be artistic. So, choose the one you wish is best for your house. You can buy cheap wooden artifact to add to your living room or craft curtains beading them traditional stones to make it more decorative and pretty.