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Best Plan for Interior Design in Nepal: Interior Design Ideas

While in the past, you could have gotten away with getting a couch and some curtains and having that be the extent of interior design in your house, that tack doesn’t work anymore.

Interior Design has evolved all around the world and the Nepali market is no exception. As we are exposed to international home design trends and better equipped to make them a part of our life, interior design in Nepal, too, is gaining popularity.

So gone are the days of building a house and filling it with expensive furniture hoping it will all come together. And owing to the evolution in interior design in Nepal, dedicating all your resources for a beautiful exterior is not enough either. 

Your home’s interior needs to have a cohesive theme, from the living room to bathroom design every detail in your living space has to complement each other. And that’s where the professionals come in. They are creative and pay special attention to detail and have an eye for design that non-experts don’t.

Interior design expands to all the different rooms—kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and so on—and all aesthetic aspects of your dream house. 

Kitchen Design 

Kitchen Design

Whether it’s a brand new kitchen you want or just remodelling the existing one, there are many factors that you need to take into account—flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, to mention a few.

Because the kitchen is not just limited to being a cooking space and is where family members come together and enjoy hearty meals and conversations, a warm and welcoming kitchen design is essential.

And contrary to what people think, it’s a little more complicated than just picking out marbles and colours. The first thing that you need to consider is your budget. An interior designer can help you calculate the optimum budget including the price of the material, builder wages and their own fees.

You don’t need to empty your bank account to design your kitchen, and if your budget is small, you can go for a simple kitchen design. The best thing about a simple design is that it is versatile and timeless. Just a square layout, white cabinets and neutral countertops will go a long way. 

Living Room Design 

interior design in nepal

Your living room is what your guests see when they first come into your house. A well-designed living room also means a more relaxing space for you and your family to lounge around in.

Because the space in the city is getting increasingly cramped and houses narrower every day, the market for interior design in Nepal is registering a growth in minimalistic living room designs.

To transform a cramped living room into a cosy space and give it a more spacious appearance, there are some tricks that interior designers follow. For instance, rather than using blinds, which give rooms a claustrophobic feel, more and more people are opting for long, flowy drapes to make the room appear bigger than it really is.

Decorating with mirrors, picking light furniture, and using neutral colours are some other design hacks for a spacious-looking room. Some popular trends today are a modern-traditional fusion, using upcycled furniture for a cosy feel, playing with patterns for strategic pops of colour.

These are just some of the examples; with professional interior designers, the possibilities are endless. 

Bathroom Design 

bathroom designYou can’t neglect this corner of your house when it comes to incorporating a well-put together theme. They say that your bathroom speaks volumes about your personality and your lifestyle. So show your bathroom some TLC and make bathroom design a priority.

Dark, uninspiring bathrooms bring down the appeal of your whole house. The latest in bathroom design includes wall-mounted toilets and sinks, bold patterns, minimal storage, floating vanities, and seamless glass shower doors, among many other revolutionary ideas.

With high-quality cabinets and flooring and crazy textures and patterns, bathroom designs have never been more refreshing.

Room Design

Once you have covered the basics, it’s time for personalised room designs for spaces you spend most of your time in. Yes, we are referring to your bedroom and your kids’ rooms and the best design ideas for these areas.

Bedroom Design

interior design in nepal

You might be thinking no one other than you sees this space, so there’s no point spending money decorating your bedroom. But your bedroom is a sanctuary for you and a space you should look forward to relaxing in after a long day at work.

Among the most popular design options are eclectic style, which features a mix of a variety of elements from different time periods; blue and white combination; transitional styles; floral motifs; and the most fashionable these days: Minimalistic designs.

Because of the availability of a variety of these items within the country and the accessibility to international materials, these options can be easily incorporated into bedroom interior design in Nepal, too.

Kids Room Design

interior design in nepalThere are plenty of ways to design kids’ rooms and cartoony themes are not the only design option. In fact, kids rooms are where you can be the most creative and play with fun ideas. Whether it be a girl’s or a boy’s room, there are boundless design possibilities.

Some of the ideas that are trending now are a combination of colours like yellow and pink, bright blue walls or a touch of red. Design elements include statement furniture such as L-Shaped beds or cubby-hole beds, fun space for creative projects, and interesting wall displays, among other things.

Every element in your house will match your imagination if you have professional interior designers working for you. That’s where Green Design Nepal comes in. We are a team of experienced professionals with a unique design sensibility, an eye for good design, a vivid imagination, and an unfaltering determination to make your design ideas a reality. With our love for design and quality work, we have established ourselves as one of the best service providers for interior design in Nepal.