Modern farmhouse interior design

5 Best Tips For Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

The farmhouse trend has been around in the interior design industry for quite some time. It’s not often that the terms “modern” and “farmhouse” are held together, but the combination of design styles is more than noteworthy.

We can’t help but swoon over the most recent twist on this classic trend, modern farmhouse interior design. While classic farmhouse interior may be too traditional for some of us, this modern take on the trend is so incredibly versatile and gorgeous!

Follow these top 5 essential tips for incorporating modern farmhouse interior design:-

#1 What Does Modern Farmhouse Décor Really Mean?

Modern farmhouse decorating is rooted in rustic country charm peppered with warm minimalism and industrial elements. Striking just the right balance of pastoral and refined, modern farmhouse décor emphasizes comfort and casual living with contemporary sensibilities reflective of today’s times. Think utilitarian, natural yet refined, country yet eclectic and sophisticated as go-to modern farmhouse interior design characteristics.

Considering the many highs and lows of modern farm life, it’s no wonder  that everything starts and ends with practicality. And just like with any other design style, planning is the key. Before you start any design project or update, carefully survey your space.

#2 Put Practicality First!

When you consider the ins-and-outs of farm life, it’s no surprise that practically reigns supreme. While you should always consider functionally and usage as an integral part of any design, in this case, it needs to be your first point of consideration.

Consider details like the flow of the room, the lighting, and the furniture arrangement. Then, once you’re ready to start gathering your design elements, remember that function should be your primary focus. Let your furniture and storage options take center stage in the room, above any decorative elements.

#3 Choose a Neutral Palette

The colors you choose will be crucial in making this look work. Gone are the sage greens and buttermilk yellows that darken to older farmhouse styles. These days, a neutral color palette is a crucial part of any modern design, and including one in your farmhouse inspired space will be the thing that helps keep your fresh, clean and totally current.

In a farmhouse interior design, the finishes you choose will also play an important role. Rather than choosing crisp, bright shades you can consider choosing colors that have a bit of a vintage or antique feel to them.

#4 Mix and Match Furniture

Next up, it’s time to focus on furniture. Traditionally, farmhouse designs relied heavily on simple wooden furniture to fill up the bulk of their interiors.

Think about balancing out the natural materials in the room with things like plush couches, comfy accent chairs and cushioned bar stools. You can also enhance the feeling of the room by layering items like throw pillows and blankets into your design.

#5 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design

Modern farmhouse exterior design reflects the entire style of the space and the tradition as well. The modern farmhouse style is not only the interiors. It takes center stage on the exterior as well. Exteriors are adorned with bright-siding, tin roofs, barn lighting and touches of rustic wood.

Have a plan to build up your dream farmhouse, follow our easy breezy 5 tips and let your Modern Farmhouse speak for itself!!!

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