Ceiling Design for Living Room

Stunning Ceiling Design for Living Room To Spice Up Your Home

Looking for simple and elegant yet modern false Ceiling Design for Living Room? Want your drawing room to be classy and not glitzy? We have got just the right ideas for you.

We get it. You like to keep things simple and stunning, but all you are seeing in market is flamboyant or extravagant false ceiling ideas. Which is why we are posting this blog that would serve you some simple, stunning false ceiling designs for living room that are neat and clean, and will give your living room a sophisticated look.

Understand the Concept of False Ceiling Design for Living Room:-

False ceilings have come along way from being a functional cover suspended under the structural ceiling to hide away the ugly pipes and wiring. In this modern time, they are regarded as an aesthetic design element that completely transforms a room from dull to stunning.

In modern homes, ceiling designs plays a significant role in the overall look of  a room as it often includes lighting that helps to control the mood in the room. Here are few stunning ceiling ideas for your living room to lit up.

Simple Ceiling Designs

1. A Neat Tray Design to Define Your Ceiling

To begin with, you could try this extremely simple tray design. The edges are lower than the rest, giving your ceiling a neat border. It helps define the ceiling while still keeping the focus on the room and its beautiful interiors. To maintain the elegance of the design, install warm recessed lights that looks minimal and gives a soft glow to your stunning ceiling of living room.

2. Chandelier And A Classy Ceiling Fan Is Adorable

If you’d rather embellish your simple tray false ceiling, incorporate a chandelier (instead of recessed lighting). Wondering whether a fan would fit the look? Yes, of course. We would suggest that you pick a style with blades that suits the overall design of your false ceiling. For a modern apartment hall, a chandelier, fan and false ceiling (with recessed lights on the edges) come together to make a lovely combination.

Ceiling Design for Living Room

3. Glam Up your Tray Design

Want something more but still sophisticated? Have your contractor or interior designer fix a high quality and polished wooden or plywood sheet to the base of the false ceiling for a decorative touch.

You could also incorporate a material like PVC, metal or glass. You can have a wooden base, a fan placed in the center, recessed lighting on the periphery, and two warm flush mounts on either sides. Collectively, this makes for a gorgeous and stunning ceiling design for living room.

Modern Ceiling Design For Living Room

1. High Gloss

One of the recent trends for ceilings is an ultra-glossy, reflective finish that shines. A glossy surface tricks the eye so the room feels larger, especially with lighter colors and furniture in place. However, the surface needs to be polished smooth so no bumps show if using paint.

If a smooth surface isn’t possible, a stretch ceiling might be the perfect option. Stretch ceilings cover up the existing ceiling and are available in hundreds of colors and several finishes, including high gloss. The smooth and shiny fifth wall can also add a glamorous feel to a space. High-gloss paint can also be applied to materials like wood for a neat combination of planking and glam.

2. Stenciled

The lackluster stencil designs of yesteryear have been replaced with high-tech creations that make stenciling easier and better looking.
These new stencils make doing tones, bold colors, and even metallic finishes accessible. Try a full pattern over the entire ceiling, small focus areas around light fixtures, and more complex designs for a cool new look.

3. Wallpaper

While no one wants the wallpaper borders and the tired mix of floral patterns of the past to reappear just yet, fresh new designs are on the market that work for both residential and commercial spaces. Where actual wood may not be an option, check out a faux wood look courtesy of printed wallpaper.

Ceiling Design for Living Room

Wallpaper patterns can range from geometric and simple to angular and bold, as well as monochromatic floral patterns and tone-on-tone designs that pack an understated, elegant punch. Wallpaper on ceilings span from sophisticated traditional patterns to fun and funky fruit in neon colors, so don’t hold back when choosing something to cover up the fifth wall giving it a stunning look.

Check out some more wall decoration ideas to make your home stunningly amazing.

4. Three-Dimensional Installation

Take the traditional light fixture and expand that concept across the ceiling. Now, one light becomes a dozen with reimagined elements that create something akin to an art piece, suspended directly from the ceiling.
Fantastic, complex lighting fixtures bring in texture and varying levels for the eye to consider while taking in the space.

Ceiling Design for Living Room

Add contrast with a rudimentary diamond pattern in black directly on that boring white ceiling – BAM – instant interest. Or take a classic arabesque pattern and extrude it into a three-dimensional layer with a monochromatic finish. A coffered ceiling in a dark, single-color finish will also demand attention, leaving anyone gazing up filled with intrigue. Now this is a generation Z idea of a stunning ceiling design for living room.

So, get up and get going. Work for your stunning ceiling of your living room and live like a Boss!

Professional designers at Green Design Nepal can provide you the needed aid to help visualize what every element will look like together with other accessories in your home. Remember: the ceiling in your house are blank canvases, and you need talented, creative artists to serve you some stunning false ceiling designs.